Thursday, August 20, 2009

Review of "Indiscreet" by Carolyn Jewel

Hello again, everyone! I'm back, and this time with my review of "Indiscreet" by Carolyn Jewel, which is set to be released October 6th, 2009. I almost wish my copy, a yellow bound ARC, had this cover! Now, onto the plot..

Sabine Goddard's reputation was ruined several years ago, incorrectly so, by a former friend of Edward, the Marquess of Foye, hereafter referred to as Foye. Now Foye is travelling, and comes upon Sabine and her uncle, who have left England to get away from the rumors. Neither are described as traditionally handsome or beautiful, but they are almost instantly attracted to one another. Just as they profess their love for each other, Sabine's uncle decides it is time for them to continue on their travel, to the palace of a rich, popular, rather unlawful local - Nazim Pasha. Foye knows Nazim Pasha has set his sights on Sabine, and she may be in danger. So he follows them, and lucky for them both that he did, otherwise Sabine may have ended up sold into slavery, or gifted to a friend of Nazim Pasha. Foye manages to rescue her, but that's just the beginning, they still must make it out of Turkey before Pasha finds them, and steals Sabine back. And they are constantly hit with hard times along the run.

So! To put it simply, I enjoyed this book. The writing was good, the characters were interesting, and I really liked the fact that Foye wasn't classically handsome, and Sabine wasn't a mindless twit, but a truly smart woman. At the beginning of most of the chapters, the reader is given the date and their current location, as well as some other little tidbits before the actual chapter begins. At first this confused me, it seemed much like the stage directions for a play, but when I really got into the story, they didn't phase me at all, in fact they were downright helpful at times. I think the only real complaint I had was that it seemed to move a little too quickly. I wanted more time with the characters, but that's when you know a book is good, when you fall so in love with the hero and heroine that you don't want them to go when the book ends.

All that said, I would give this book a four out of five stars. I can see myself re-reading it in the future, and I did really enjoy it.

So everyone! Make sure you pick up "Indiscreet" by Carolyn Jewel October 6th. I know you will all love Foye and Sabine.

Happy Reading! And I would like to say thanks again to Anne Aguirre for the book!