Friday, January 14, 2011

Follow Friday!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Follow Friday! I can't wait to meet some more cool bloggers!

This weeks question: What makes up your non-human family?

Well, at this time, it's just the two doggies - Coconut and Brandy. Coco is a Bichon Frise, and Brandy is a Toy Poodle. In the past I've had a guinea pig, hamsters, a bunny, fish.. but now, just the pups. Which works for me, they're my little cuddle buddies.

For a little more about me - Welcome to my blog! I review a mix of fiction, mostly Romance, Paranormal Romance (both adult and young adult), and science fiction/fantasy. I occasionally have giveaways, so be on the lookout for them (no worries, I advertise them quite a lot). And I have a few blog tours scheduled for the near future.

Feel free (please!) to stick around. I love meeting new bloggers and talking about books I've read!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I certainly am! Review of "Rough, Raw, and Ready" by Lorelei James

Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders)Howdy folks. I know I'm certainly in the mood for some rough and tough cowboys. And this book just about did the trick. Sexy cowboy overload! Are you Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders) ? 

Disclaimer:  I bought this book. I was not given this book or anything else in exchange for a review.

Type: Series, Cowboys, Menage-a-trois, M/M/F, Emotional Baggage, Marriage +1, I'm totes jealous of this girl.

Why this book?: I'm working my way through the Rough Riders series. My work just got most of them in (except for this one, is that on purpose - considering the content?) and I finally decided to read them all IN ORDER.

About the book: Chassie West Glanzer has got a pretty darn good life, and a super sexy husband - former rodeo champ and buckle-bunny chaser Trevor Glanzer. Their own little ranch is out of the way, so she found it quite odd when a man walked right up to their doorstep. His name is Edgard Mancuso, and he claims to be an old friend of Trevor's. After inviting him to stay for the next few weeks while Edgard's truck is being repaired, Chassie learns Edgard and Trevor's secret. They were lovers years ago, and it's obvious the bond between them hasn't lessened over time. Now Edgard and Chassie have to figure out what to do when they're both in love with the same man. And Trevor couldn't possibly give up either one. Is a solution even possible, or will everyone end up heartbroken?

I have read all the Rough Riders books coming before this one, and while I enjoyed each and everyone one of them - so far, this book is definitely my favorite. Each book was good, certainly, but I could still put them down and go off to do something else while reading. But I couldn't stop reading or thinking about Edgard, Trevor, and Chassie. Their story seems so much more emotional. And yes, there are always going to be cheesy scenes, but I thought the story in this book more than made up for anything else. By now, we all know (or at least you should) that Ms. James can write quite the steamy scene, and there is no lack of those in this book. But this book is just so much more than the sex. It's about dealing with love from the past, and present. And figuring out how to compromise, and how to live without being afraid of what other people will think of you.

The characters rang true, and real. You could practically feel the tension between the two men, and understand Chassie's difficulty at accepting and understanding just how deep Edgar and Trevor's relationship ran. And I definitely identified with Chassie, not just when it comes to confusion, but with her family troubles as well. As a West, related to the McKays but definitely not in tight with the core group, Chassie feels left out when it comes to family issues. Oh, they include her for the most part, but when it comes to something serious, she's left on the sidelines. Except for Trevor, the McKays are all Chassie has left, and you can feel the hurt she deals with. Not to mention Edgard's, and Trevor's family problems.

Recommendation: Heck yes! Everyone that enjoys some good steamy scenes, some even better steamy cowboys, and a emotional thrillride to boot? Pick up your copy today via the link to on the left.
Final rating: FIVE out of FIVE. I've been shying away from such high ratings lately, because while I may enjoy a book, I've realized not everything is perfect. But this book definitely warrants such a great rating. Will the rest of the series measure up? We'll see, I've got the next four on deck, waiting for their turn.

Have you read "Rough, Raw, and Ready" or any other book by Lorelei James? What are your thoughts? Share your opinions in the comments. =)

Until next time, Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, aka Morning Glow ~!~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whatcha Got Wednesday (Nothing edition!)

Well, I already admitted I didn't get anything since last Wednesday (though I'm hoping I'll get a nice package today!), so I bet you assumed this would be a short post. Got ya, it won't be! Because today I'm taking time to talk about all the books I have to read that are sitting in my TBR pile (or in some cases, a metaphorical TBR pile since they're ebooks). These are books that I want to read soooo much, but with due dates and time crunches, I can't get the reviews posted yet, or I haven't finished the book yet. So I'm going to give them a little free publicity until their time rolls around.

First up "Dark Diary II: The First" by Dawne Dominique. I cannot tell you how much I want to read this book. I read the first one, and really enjoyed it, and now I want to see how the second one compares, and where the story is going. Book one, "Eden's Hell I: The First," ended in a very intriguing way, not a cliffhanger, but it left some open-ended questions. This book is on my ebook reader, and I'm practically itchy with my desire to skip ahead in my TBR list and read it.

Next: "Toil and Trouble" by HP Mallory. A great gal, and a great series! I got book one to review, and she sent me a coupon for book two upon it's release. I want to know what happens to Rand, Sinjin, Jolie, and crew!

Thirdly: "The Mind Readers" by Lori Brighton. I got to read the first half of the book before it was released, and it was getting really good, I can't wait to see how it ends, or how it changed since then. This is author Lori Brighton's foray into the YA world, and it seemed to me that she was doing a pretty good job. I also have her historical romance "Wild Heart" to read. Another instance I wish I could just skip out on work and real life for a few days to just catch up.

Fourthly.. or Fifthly: "Lost Hero" and "The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan. I loved loved loved the Percy Jackson series, and I know he won't disappoint with these two books. And despite knowing they will be quick reads, I still don't really have the free time to just pick them up and go, despite already owning them.

Last (for now): "Crave" by JR Ward. Not to mention her entire Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I haven't read them, can you believe it?? And as much as I want to, and even own almost all of them (I'm missing one of the later ones), I still haven't managed.

Fingers crossed that I can get to these books soon. I've been so eager to read them all, and I think it's so unfair and mean of me that I keep having to push them back.


Anyways, I think that's enough for now. Until tomorrow, folks!
~!~ Amanda, aka Morning Glow ~!~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mini Reviews (sorta) - "Dakota Child," "Pregnesia," "Absolutely, Positively."

This weekend was a busy one for me, both work and reading-wise. First "The Ghost Exterminator" by Vivi Andrews, and then these three other books that I thoroughly enjoyed (Well.. at least two of them). I figured I will give you little review-ettes, instead of traditional reviews, partly because I'm a bit busy, and partly because I don't think traditional reviews would work for these books - especially the first, since my review is posted elsewhere (or will be).

First up, "Absolutely, Positively" by Heather Webber, book #3 in the Lucy Valentine series. I love this series, and I was so excited that I got to read this one for Romance Reviews Today. Since my review is for them, and not my blog, I can't go into detail here, but look for my review in the update posted on February 2nd, at Romance Reviews Today. I will say that it was another great installment, and I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys mysteries, romances, and paranormals. That's right, it has a little something for everyone. =)

Be sure to check this one out, as well as book one, "Truly, Madly," and book two, "Deeply, Desperately." I have reviewed both on here. Aha! Found them. Here's the review for Truly, Madly,   and   Deeply, Desperately.

Next up is "Dakota Child" by Linda Ford. I am on the Tell Harlequin panel, which means they occasionally send me books, and ask me to read them and participate in reviews or questionnaires. Normally this is kind of cool. I enjoy reading a book and giving my opinion on the different Harlequin lines. In fact, there are several of their series that I would never have picked up if it wasn't for being on the Tell Harlequin panel. But you need to stay in good standing (read the books and participate in a timely manner) to continue to reap the benefits. So they sent me "Dakota Child." I knew after twenty pages I would not like this book. I was right. But I kept reading because I had to. I'm not a fan of Christian fiction, but generally I can make it through. But these characters could not take two steps without having to pray for the strength to go on. And instead of dealing with their problems head on and maybe finding happiness together, they just asked God to fix it all for them. Definitely not recommended unless hearing "God" every four words is your idea of a good time. I think religion is a beautiful thing, but there is a difference between having a strong faith, and going a little overboard in your writing.

Last, but definitely not least, is PREGNESIA!! That's right. I talked about just HAVING to read this book after reading the review on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. So of course I bought myself a copy. And it definitely didn't disappoint. Am I saying it's the best book ever? Maybe. Am I saying it is written the best out of all? Definitely not. But I am saying it's full of win and genuine entertainment. I want the author, Ms Carla Cassidy, to know that I think she is amazing for her excellent response to the Smart Bitches' review, and that she has written a book that kept me smiling and amused for its entirety. Pregnesia is so going on the keeper shelf, right after I make several of my friends read it. You know a book has that little special something (for whatever reason) when you love it despite regularly hating that sort of thing. I usually dislike the types of romances where the female is pregnant during most of the book. I don't know why, I just do. But this one.. well, it was pure Romantic Gold. Pick up your copy of "Pregnesia" by Carla Cassidy today!!

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday! I'll be back tomorrow with another edition of "Whatcha Got Wednesday" - assuming I get anything, anyways. =)

As always, Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, aka Morning Glow ~!~

Monday, January 10, 2011

Author Desiree Holt at Bitten By Books!

Author Desiree Holt is over at Bitten By Books today talking about her newest release, Lust by Moonlight (part of the Night Seekers series). I had the pleasure of meeting Desiree at the Lori Foster Reader/Author get together last year, and she's a very awesome lady. So go over and say hello at the Bitten By Books Page, and congratulated her on the new release. Or, you know, BUY A COPY! I plan to. ;)

Here's the direct link to the BBB party:   Party is raging until late in the evening, so feel free to arrive fashionably late. ;)

What's that, you want to see the delish cover of her new book? No problem!! Feast your eyes on this beauty.

Oh, and did I forget to mention there will be PRIZES?! That's right. Grand prize winner gets a KINDLE! So hurry on over!

Review of "The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story" by Vivi Andrews

The Ghost Exterminator I've seen this author around before, but I had never read anything by her. I was obviously missing out!!
Disclaimer: This book is on loan from my local public library. I am not being compensated for this review. Also, I am an Amazon Affiliate.

Type: Paranormal Romance, Ghosts, Hauntings, The Possession of Wyatt Haines, Sorta New to Me Author

Why this book: Well, I noticed my work (library) purchased a copy, and the story sounded good, so I was the first to nab a copy. So glad I did!

About the book: Wyatt Haines is a businessman. He believes in logic, in keeping his business in the black, and football. However, he's beginning to believe, maybe just a little, that his recently acquired property is haunted. So finally, his hippie-esque secretary convinces him to call a ghost exterminator to take care of his little infestation problem. Jo Banks is very, very good at her job. She can see ghosts, even send them on to the afterlife. But she's never seen anything like Wyatt's new house. And no matter what she does, nothing is going to plan, including the fact that two ghosts escape and hide inside Wyatt. Now Jo has to de-spirit Wyatt's home, get the ghosts out of his body, and keep herself from falling for his uptight attractive form. Does the self-proclaimed freak have what it takes? And can the ever logical Wyatt finally lose that stick up his rear-end?

I definitely devoured this book. I can't believe I've never read anything by this author before. I loved her writing style, a perfect mix of humor, romance, and just the right amount of passion. There were some great twists and turns in the story, the mystery of why the house is so haunted, who's behind it, and more. I just ate it up.

And the creative and hilarious chapter titles definitely deserve a special shout-out. Some of my favorites? "Tiny Tim, the Sl*t," "It's My Party and I'll Commune with the Dead If I Want To," and "Haunt Me, Baby, One More Time." Oh, alright, one more. And "Love Means Never Having to Say Untie Me." As I said - creative. And each chapter title is not only funny, but actually pertains to what happens in said chapter.

I loved the characters, but I loved the interaction between such complete opposites the best. Jo is an almost-normal girl who sees herself as a freak, and therefore plays the role to the best of her ability. Wyatt spends far too much time in his office making sure his business runs smoothly, and actually fired his mother once because she wasn't running a good business. But when these two get together, sparks fly. I loved their banter, their commentary while watching television or trying to figure something out.

Recommendation: Heck yes! I recommend this book to everyone. That's right, everyone. This is one of those "Shove the book in their faces until they agree to read it because I love it and everyone else should too" sort of book. Lovers of a good story, Paranormal Romance, and enough humor to make your sides hurt from laughing should definitely pick up "The Ghost Exterminator" by Vivi Andrews.

Final Rating: FIVE out of FIVE (5/5). Really loved it, recommending it to everyone. Get yourself a copy today! Like right now! Then come back and let's chat about it. =)

Want to get your own copy of "The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story" by Vivi Andrews? Of course you do! Head over to via the link at the left, and pick up a copy.

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, aka Morning Glow ~!~