Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whatcha Got Wednesday (Nothing edition!)

Well, I already admitted I didn't get anything since last Wednesday (though I'm hoping I'll get a nice package today!), so I bet you assumed this would be a short post. Got ya, it won't be! Because today I'm taking time to talk about all the books I have to read that are sitting in my TBR pile (or in some cases, a metaphorical TBR pile since they're ebooks). These are books that I want to read soooo much, but with due dates and time crunches, I can't get the reviews posted yet, or I haven't finished the book yet. So I'm going to give them a little free publicity until their time rolls around.

First up "Dark Diary II: The First" by Dawne Dominique. I cannot tell you how much I want to read this book. I read the first one, and really enjoyed it, and now I want to see how the second one compares, and where the story is going. Book one, "Eden's Hell I: The First," ended in a very intriguing way, not a cliffhanger, but it left some open-ended questions. This book is on my ebook reader, and I'm practically itchy with my desire to skip ahead in my TBR list and read it.

Next: "Toil and Trouble" by HP Mallory. A great gal, and a great series! I got book one to review, and she sent me a coupon for book two upon it's release. I want to know what happens to Rand, Sinjin, Jolie, and crew!

Thirdly: "The Mind Readers" by Lori Brighton. I got to read the first half of the book before it was released, and it was getting really good, I can't wait to see how it ends, or how it changed since then. This is author Lori Brighton's foray into the YA world, and it seemed to me that she was doing a pretty good job. I also have her historical romance "Wild Heart" to read. Another instance I wish I could just skip out on work and real life for a few days to just catch up.

Fourthly.. or Fifthly: "Lost Hero" and "The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan. I loved loved loved the Percy Jackson series, and I know he won't disappoint with these two books. And despite knowing they will be quick reads, I still don't really have the free time to just pick them up and go, despite already owning them.

Last (for now): "Crave" by JR Ward. Not to mention her entire Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I haven't read them, can you believe it?? And as much as I want to, and even own almost all of them (I'm missing one of the later ones), I still haven't managed.

Fingers crossed that I can get to these books soon. I've been so eager to read them all, and I think it's so unfair and mean of me that I keep having to push them back.


Anyways, I think that's enough for now. Until tomorrow, folks!
~!~ Amanda, aka Morning Glow ~!~

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