Thursday, January 13, 2011

I certainly am! Review of "Rough, Raw, and Ready" by Lorelei James

Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders)Howdy folks. I know I'm certainly in the mood for some rough and tough cowboys. And this book just about did the trick. Sexy cowboy overload! Are you Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders) ? 

Disclaimer:  I bought this book. I was not given this book or anything else in exchange for a review.

Type: Series, Cowboys, Menage-a-trois, M/M/F, Emotional Baggage, Marriage +1, I'm totes jealous of this girl.

Why this book?: I'm working my way through the Rough Riders series. My work just got most of them in (except for this one, is that on purpose - considering the content?) and I finally decided to read them all IN ORDER.

About the book: Chassie West Glanzer has got a pretty darn good life, and a super sexy husband - former rodeo champ and buckle-bunny chaser Trevor Glanzer. Their own little ranch is out of the way, so she found it quite odd when a man walked right up to their doorstep. His name is Edgard Mancuso, and he claims to be an old friend of Trevor's. After inviting him to stay for the next few weeks while Edgard's truck is being repaired, Chassie learns Edgard and Trevor's secret. They were lovers years ago, and it's obvious the bond between them hasn't lessened over time. Now Edgard and Chassie have to figure out what to do when they're both in love with the same man. And Trevor couldn't possibly give up either one. Is a solution even possible, or will everyone end up heartbroken?

I have read all the Rough Riders books coming before this one, and while I enjoyed each and everyone one of them - so far, this book is definitely my favorite. Each book was good, certainly, but I could still put them down and go off to do something else while reading. But I couldn't stop reading or thinking about Edgard, Trevor, and Chassie. Their story seems so much more emotional. And yes, there are always going to be cheesy scenes, but I thought the story in this book more than made up for anything else. By now, we all know (or at least you should) that Ms. James can write quite the steamy scene, and there is no lack of those in this book. But this book is just so much more than the sex. It's about dealing with love from the past, and present. And figuring out how to compromise, and how to live without being afraid of what other people will think of you.

The characters rang true, and real. You could practically feel the tension between the two men, and understand Chassie's difficulty at accepting and understanding just how deep Edgar and Trevor's relationship ran. And I definitely identified with Chassie, not just when it comes to confusion, but with her family troubles as well. As a West, related to the McKays but definitely not in tight with the core group, Chassie feels left out when it comes to family issues. Oh, they include her for the most part, but when it comes to something serious, she's left on the sidelines. Except for Trevor, the McKays are all Chassie has left, and you can feel the hurt she deals with. Not to mention Edgard's, and Trevor's family problems.

Recommendation: Heck yes! Everyone that enjoys some good steamy scenes, some even better steamy cowboys, and a emotional thrillride to boot? Pick up your copy today via the link to on the left.
Final rating: FIVE out of FIVE. I've been shying away from such high ratings lately, because while I may enjoy a book, I've realized not everything is perfect. But this book definitely warrants such a great rating. Will the rest of the series measure up? We'll see, I've got the next four on deck, waiting for their turn.

Have you read "Rough, Raw, and Ready" or any other book by Lorelei James? What are your thoughts? Share your opinions in the comments. =)

Until next time, Happy Reading!
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