Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mini Reviews (sorta) - "Dakota Child," "Pregnesia," "Absolutely, Positively."

This weekend was a busy one for me, both work and reading-wise. First "The Ghost Exterminator" by Vivi Andrews, and then these three other books that I thoroughly enjoyed (Well.. at least two of them). I figured I will give you little review-ettes, instead of traditional reviews, partly because I'm a bit busy, and partly because I don't think traditional reviews would work for these books - especially the first, since my review is posted elsewhere (or will be).

First up, "Absolutely, Positively" by Heather Webber, book #3 in the Lucy Valentine series. I love this series, and I was so excited that I got to read this one for Romance Reviews Today. Since my review is for them, and not my blog, I can't go into detail here, but look for my review in the update posted on February 2nd, at Romance Reviews Today. I will say that it was another great installment, and I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys mysteries, romances, and paranormals. That's right, it has a little something for everyone. =)

Be sure to check this one out, as well as book one, "Truly, Madly," and book two, "Deeply, Desperately." I have reviewed both on here. Aha! Found them. Here's the review for Truly, Madly,   and   Deeply, Desperately.

Next up is "Dakota Child" by Linda Ford. I am on the Tell Harlequin panel, which means they occasionally send me books, and ask me to read them and participate in reviews or questionnaires. Normally this is kind of cool. I enjoy reading a book and giving my opinion on the different Harlequin lines. In fact, there are several of their series that I would never have picked up if it wasn't for being on the Tell Harlequin panel. But you need to stay in good standing (read the books and participate in a timely manner) to continue to reap the benefits. So they sent me "Dakota Child." I knew after twenty pages I would not like this book. I was right. But I kept reading because I had to. I'm not a fan of Christian fiction, but generally I can make it through. But these characters could not take two steps without having to pray for the strength to go on. And instead of dealing with their problems head on and maybe finding happiness together, they just asked God to fix it all for them. Definitely not recommended unless hearing "God" every four words is your idea of a good time. I think religion is a beautiful thing, but there is a difference between having a strong faith, and going a little overboard in your writing.

Last, but definitely not least, is PREGNESIA!! That's right. I talked about just HAVING to read this book after reading the review on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. So of course I bought myself a copy. And it definitely didn't disappoint. Am I saying it's the best book ever? Maybe. Am I saying it is written the best out of all? Definitely not. But I am saying it's full of win and genuine entertainment. I want the author, Ms Carla Cassidy, to know that I think she is amazing for her excellent response to the Smart Bitches' review, and that she has written a book that kept me smiling and amused for its entirety. Pregnesia is so going on the keeper shelf, right after I make several of my friends read it. You know a book has that little special something (for whatever reason) when you love it despite regularly hating that sort of thing. I usually dislike the types of romances where the female is pregnant during most of the book. I don't know why, I just do. But this one.. well, it was pure Romantic Gold. Pick up your copy of "Pregnesia" by Carla Cassidy today!!

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday! I'll be back tomorrow with another edition of "Whatcha Got Wednesday" - assuming I get anything, anyways. =)

As always, Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, aka Morning Glow ~!~


Carla Cassidy said...

I just want you to know that I love you.
Carla Cassidy

Amanda, aka Morning Glow said...

Oh wow! Thank you for stopping by Ms Cassidy! I'm glad you liked my mini-review.

I just want you to know that I think you're awesome!