Friday, February 25, 2011

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Hello everyone! Happy Friday! And welcome to any new friends-slash-followers! A quick intro - my name is Amanda, and I review books here as well as for Romance Reviews Today! I love Paranormal Romance, Romance (in general), and Young Adult (in general). And for some quick news - I now have a Goodreads account! Feel free to find and friend me there, if you're so inclined. =)

My current favorite TV show? BONES! I love Bones. Such a good, nerdy show.

Photobucket  Name a couple of your favorite erotic authors: Umm... I don't read a lot of erotic books, mostly paranormal romance. But.. Lorelei James would definitely be on the list!

Until next week - Happy Reading! And have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just actin' like we're animals - REVIEW of "Wild Heart" by Lori Brighton

Wild Heart (Zebra Debut)Why this book?: Lori Brighton is an awesome author, no matter what she writes.

Disclaimer: I was given my copy of "Wild Heart" by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Type: Historical Romance, Dark pasts, Murders, Interesting abilities, Governesses, Panthers, Tall Dark and Handsome.

About the book: WANTON. Leo Roberts is next in line for an earldom and the power and fortune that come with it, but he is uncultured, unrefined--and completely untamed. . .until governess Ella Finch arrives upon the scene. Can so young and inexperienced a woman tutor him in the manners and mores of his class? Leo's mysterious past has rendered him an outsider, too wild for polite society. But he finds her innocence most intriguing... WILLING. What manner of man he may be, Ella does not know. Yet he fascinates her and she must know more. Capturing Leo's reckless heart is about to free her in ways she never dreamed of. . .and his sensual touch releases the deepest yearnings of her body and soul...
Review: It has been a long time since I read a book where the hero got on my nerves for the longest time, and then surprised my in the end by being someone I enjoy. Leo, with his glaring ways (I honestly felt like he glared at me through the first third of the book), made me a little uncomfortable - he was indeed quite "wild." But as both the reader and Ella learned more about him - what he enjoyed doing, and the fact that he is not as wild as he seemed, just had an agenda - the more he started growing on me. And as I said, by the end he was someone I enjoyed, even liked. Ella was adorable and selfless, a freespirit in a time when women were expected to adhere to so many rules. Though there was a time or two I thought she might be a little too free, but I'll admit it, I liked it.

The storyline starts off a little slow, as the characters and history needs some lead-in. Leo has a dark past, and it haunts him to this day, so he returns home to find the people that killed his parents. However, this is not proving to be an easy task. Ella ends up joining him on the search, and several plot-lines and histories diverge into something so complex and fascinating, you'll be grateful for the gentle lead in. A good read that will keep you entertained for hours, fans of Historical Romance should definitely check out "Wild Heart" by Lori Brighton!

Cover Loving: I like it - I think they look suitably enough like Leo and Ella.
Recommendation: Fans of Historical Romance will enjoy "Wild Heart" by Lori Brighton. Plenty of action, and quite the steamy hero.

Final Rating: FOUR out of FIVE (4/5). Enjoyable read, I liked the characters, and the story was fascinating.

Have you read "Wild Heart" by Lori Brighton? Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Did you enjoy the book? Do you like Leo's dark and haunting past?
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whatcha Got Wednesday! #17

Hello everyone! Only one thing for me this week. Some stuff is already on it's way to me (I got the shipping notices) but I won't count them. Instead, I'm spending my time reading what I do have - finally.

So what did I get this week?

Against the Wind (The Raines of Wind Canyon)BOUGHT: "Against the Wind" by Kat Martin. When I was sick last week (alright, admittedly.. I still am sick. Ew, respiratory infection!), I was at the drug store, and in my medicated haze I totally bought this book. That said.. I'm still really excited to read it.

What did you get this week? Share!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bubble Bubble... REVIEW of "Toil and Trouble" by HP Mallory!

Toil and Trouble, a Paranormal Romance (Book 2 of the Jolie Wilkins Series) Why this book: Loved the first one. Got book two in exchange for a review.

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Type: Series, Vampires, Witches, Weres, And More!, Epic Battle, Book Two, I don't think I can wait until the next book, Sexy Accents, Paranormal Romance

About the book: Jolie Wilkins is preparing for war. Or she would be if she could move, and if her boss-slash-boyfriend Rand would let her. While she rests to regain her strength, Rand and his army train for the upcoming battle. But after being attacked in her own room, and then saved thanks to the vampire Sinjin, Jolie is perfectly healed and begins to plan her own way to join in on the fight. Filled with plenty of action and even more drama, Toil and Trouble is the tale of a woman who just wants to get her own fight on, no matter what the boys say.

My Review: Toil and Trouble is the second book in the Jolie Wilkins series, follwing Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, and certainly doesn't let up on the action. Most of the book takes place on the training ground, where Rand's forces practice their technique in the hopes that they might actually be able to defeat their enemy, Bella. I am always a fan of big training and battle scenes, because you can feel the desperation and hope of the characters. This book is certainly chock full of emotional rides, from the frustration of Jolie in being told she is not allowed to participate, as well as her anger for Rand for holding himself back from her, to the fear the characters and audience feel when the opposing side lists their demands should they win the war. Jolie is frightened of being made into someone's pet to use as they will, and I felt that right along with her.

My biggest upset with the book was with the battle itself. After all the build up, the talk of how much training everyone went through, including Jolie - even if it was in secret, the end of the battle was so shockingly abrupt. It wasn't a terrible ending, mind you, just a little startling. That said, it was still a very good resolution to the conflict, and after finishing the book, I eagerly anticipate the release of the third.

And I won't go into details so as to prevent spoilers, but readers finally get to see details about who Rand bonded with in the past that nearly killed him - and it's pretty dang heart breaking! Now I definitely need book three to see how Rand and Jolie deal with this new bit of information!

Cover Lovin: Good cover. Definitely goes well with the cover of Book 1: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, a Paranormal Romance (Jolie Wilkins Series, Book #1)

Recommendation: Fans of paranormal romance should definitely check out author HP Mallory, if you haven't already! I love her Jolie Wilkins series - Rand is more than yummy!

Final Rating: FOUR out of FIVE (4/5). Definitely liked it. Can't wait for more.

Have you read "Toil and Trouble" by HP Mallory? Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Want to read it? Get your copy at via the link to the left!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Can I have the one she doesn't choose? REVIEW of "My Fair Succubi" by Jill Myles

My Fair Succubi (The Succubus Diaries)Why this book?: Why are you even asking?! LOVE this series. Love Jill Myles. Please to be writing more Jackie books!

Type: Series, Angels, Vampires, Masters, Succubi, Sometimes Men Really Suck, How's A Girl to Choose?, Paranormal Romance, Can I have the one she doesn't want?

About the book: Well, things are starting to settle down for Jackie. She's working on the archeological dig of her dreams with her Serim master/lover Noah, and the Itch is under control.. mostly thanks to Noah. But Noah has a surprise up his sleeve, and it's not necessarily a good one - it's a ring, and a promise for the two to become much closer. If that wasn't enough to deal with, Jackie gets a call from her best friend, who just happened to be possessed, and now she's right back in the middle of Angel and Vampire politics. With Noah being held by the Serim council for judgement, Jackie is reunited with her vampire master Zane, and the sparks fly once again. How's a girl to choose between the two men that mean so much to her, and still manage to save the world from an evil being?

Review: So author Jill Myles has told us since the beginning that Jackie WILL choose someone, I wasn't sure if it was ever going to happen, and even then, I wasn't sure I could handle it. And guess what, in this book, someone is chosen - and I definitely agree with the decision. I'm not sure if it's the end-all choice, or if something will happen in later books, but IT HAPPENED. However, the road to the choice was paved with shock and a whole heck of a lot of pain. Myles definitely doesn't disappoint with this newest installment in The Succubus Diaries, with just the right mix of humor and paranormal drama, "My Fair Succubi" kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole journey.

The characters are, as always, perfectly done. I love these people, there the type of characters I desperately wished were real so I could meet them. And readers get a great new surprise - a new character to fawn over! Enter Ethan, a nephilim and Enforcer for the Serim Council. Ethan is definitely on my good list, and I can't wait to see more of him in the future. The plot left nothing to be desired, containing it's usual thrillride that makes me love this series so much. Once again, I am left wishing I could talk about my favorite part without giving away anything, but alas that isn't so. And for the fans of all the steamy angel or vampire sex scenes? Don't worry, there are plenty of those in the book as well.

Cover Lovin: Yes. Yes yes. Not only are there wings, but there is a sexy guy attached to them. I'm not sure he totally looked like Zane in my eyes, I see Zane as a little more world-weary... more rough, toughened. But that guy sure isn't bad.

Recommendation: Definitely! Jill Myles' "The Succubus Diaries" series is one of my top favorite series Of All Time. If I could, I would buy a bunch of copies of this series, give them to people, and force them to read it. So... Read it. Suggestion: Definitely read the series in order. Also, check out the freebie reads (which you can find links to on the author's website, here.)

Final Rating: FIVE out of FIVE (5/5). Myles had me almost crying at one point, laughing at several, and squeaking in joy near the end.

Have you read "My Fair Succubi" by Jilly Myles? Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Want to pick up your own copy? Get it at via the link to the left.