Wednesday, October 19, 2011

REVIEW: "Much Ado About Vampires" Katie MacAlister

Amazon - "Much Ado About Vampires" by Katie MacAlister
Why this book?: I'm a big fan of Katie MacAlister, and her Dark Ones series is truly superb.

Type: Vampires, Series, Soulmate/Beloved, zombies, past lives, paranormal romance, humor

Recommendation: Definitely for older readers! Cora and Alec have their share of steamy scenes, 18+

Disclaimer: This book was purchased by me for my own entertainment. I am reviewing it here because I wanna!

About the book: Corazon Ferreira is a jaded woman. Turns out she was a vampire's mate in a past life. And no matter how distractingly gorgeous he is, she just can't get the image of him killing someone out of her head. But when her life depends on him, Corazon's going to have to stop overthinking things-and start trusting her heart...
My review: I really, really enjoy this author. And as with any prolific author, die hard fans will start to notice some similarities in each book, especially if the author has several different series running at once. And, well.. I really started to notice it in some of Katie's books. I still laughed out loud while reading them, and enjoyed the stories, but.. I was losing a little of the magic. And then "Much Ado About Vampires" came strolling onto the scene. Yes, Katie's signatures are still there, but she's thrown some interesting new things in as well - such as scenes from the hero, Alec's perspective. Katie MacAlister has done this before, but usually when the heroine was not there - for the most part, the heroine is the main character, and it's all from her point of view. I thought it was incredibly refreshing to hear how Alec was feeling about the whole situation, and not just from his thoughts that the heroine picks up now and again (Beloveds, if you don't know, can sometimes hear their Dark One's thoughts). I hope Katie keeps up the different points of view. Her heroes are just too amazing for us never to get their side of things!

I'm a big sucker for soul mates, especially the kind that find each other in later reincarnations - and that's (sorta) what we get here. Corazon is Alec's Beloved reincarnated, complete with some (read: about two minutes of it.. and she was dead at the time) knowledge about their former life together. They really are adorable together, and Corazon's change from vampire hater/being afraid of Alec to not able to keep her hands off him, well.. it's an amusing journey.

I can't wait for the next Dark One book, and I especially can't wait for Katie MacAlister's next release, "It's All Greek To Me," a contemporary releasing within the next few months. If you think Katie's paranormals are good, be sure to check out her contemporaries! "Men in Kilts" is still one of my favorite romances of all time.

Cover Loving: Definitely a good one. Not quite sure that's how I picture Alec, but.. well, the man is quite hunky.

Final Rating: FIVE out of FIVE (5/5). I chuckled out loud, I smiled like a big goof, and I loved loved loved the scenes from Alec's perspective - a great read that is (of course) going on the Keeper Shelf/Bookcase.

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