Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Book Blogger/Reviewer's Day Out - The authors I met and books I got

Today was a totally awesome day. Why, you may ask? Because my local Barnes and Noble was hosting an author event for Valentine's Day. Plenty of local authors came in to sign books and chat with the attendees. Of course I left with plenty of books (all signed!), tons of swag, and a lot of fun events to look forward to in the near and not-so-near future.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm all for promoting local authors, so I'm going to write up whom all I talked to, what sorts of goodies I got, etc etc etc.

Let's start with the books I got, shall we? Maybe doing this all orderly-like will make sure I don't forget anyone.
- "He's No Prince Charming" by LuAnn McLane. I've heard of this author before, and always wanted to pick up one of her books. This is why going to local author events is so wonderful - I didn't even know she was local! I didn't get to talk to her much, unfortunately, but hopefully she will be at another event soon.
- "The Seduction of a Duke" by Donna MacMeans. Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk to her much either, but my mother did. It was another author (Heather Webber) that commented on how there are several authors that have their own little ritual they go through when signing a book, whether they have certain phrases they use, or what. Donna MacMeans has created quite the task for herself each time she signs! Not only did she autograph the book, she stamped it with a rubber stamp, put two swaggy bookmarks in it, and added a peacock feather as well.
- "Truly, Madly" by Heather Webber. I got a chance to review this book several weeks ago, and as you may or may not remember - I loved it! It was nice to meet her again, as well as get her to sign my ARC of her book. She actually did another B&N signing the week before, which I had wanted to go to, but I learned about it a bit late, but at least I managed to get out to see her today. And she was extremely appreciative of everyone that stopped by to see her. And if I may add, she also said she enjoyed reading my reviews, adding that they were honest and fair. *Big grin!*
- "Taming the Beast" by Heather Grothaus. Another author I hadn't heard of before, but I'm definitely excited to read this.. whew, quite the cover. I didn't get to talk to her much, but she was very nice and friendly, which is always wonderful.
- "Naughty Bits - An Anthology of Short Erotic Fiction" by various authors, but signed by Alison Paige. My aunt actually picked this book up and got it signed, which makes me a little awkward. I'm not sure I want my aunt reading this! Haha. And I believe it was Alison Paige who said that her own mother doesn't read the stories. She buys the books, tells everyone that her daughter is an author, but doesn't read them due to the content, which I find amusing.
- "Back in Black" by Lori Foster. The last (but not least!) of the authors whose book I bought and had signed. Lori Foster was extremely nice to talk to, telling me about the event she organizes each year in June, where authors, readers, agents, and publishers get together to talk and enjoy themselves. This year, she said there will be an author (Erin McCarthy) DJing an event, as well as a pirate themed dance. I'm really hoping to get to go to that.

Now on to other authors I talked to, got some swag, etc.
- Shelley Shepard Gray - I actually have met this author before as well, when I met Heather Webber for the first time, at my local library for a Valentine's Day event. I got some swag from Shelley Shepard Gray, a little calendar, some pens, and got to speak to her for a few moments.
- Kay Stockham - I got to talk to this author for a little while as well, talking about reviewing, becoming an author (because that is my ultimate goal), as well as other local events that a budding writer/a reviewer/just a reader can go to.
- Elysa Hendricks - I didn't get to talk to this author at all, really, but she came out to meet readers and sign books, so she certainly deserves to get some free publicity! I was looking at her book "The Sword and the Pen" and I might have to check that out, it looked really good.
- Susan Crandall - I believe my aunt talked to this author far more than I did, but her book "Sleep No More" is already sold out, and it was released in January of this year! I really hope to get my hands on a copy of this in the near future, it looks really good.
- Marcia James - I got to talk to Marcia James for a little while about some of her recently published works, two of which were for charities. The proceeds from one anthology went to a (fairly) local no-kill animal shelter, and unfortunately I don't remember the other charity, but I certainly commend her for her aide! She mentioned the story she wrote was rated G, but she usually wrote stories with an R rating. I made sure to ask if it was difficult writing something G-rated since it wasn't what she normally did, and she replied "Oh yes! I wanted them to do a lot more!" I'm sure I would too. I really hope to find more written by her, as well.

Whew! Talk about a full day. I wish I could have stayed a little longer and talked to a few more people, but I feel so lucky for getting to meet everyone that I did. I'll admit it, I get all fan-girlly when I get to meet authors, even ones I haven't read anything by before. Maybe some day I'll grow out of that phase, but it's highly unlikely!

Please, check out these authors! I'll be sure to post reviews of any and all of these books that I read. And I hope to let everyone know whenever these authors have new releases. It's great to have so much local talent!

As always, Happy Reader!
~!~ Morning Glow