Wednesday, August 7, 2013

REVIEW: Doctor Who: Winter's Dawn, Season's End

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for a fair review. All thoughts are my own.

Type: Graphic Novel, Series, Science Fiction, Time Travel, The Doctor Is In!!

About the Book: A graphic novel with stories featuring the 11th Doctor - from Silence to a Beer Flood, and more! Follow the Doctor and the Ponds on their many adventures.

My Review: Well, this will be an interesting and short review, since I only got a preview of the novel to review - as in, just the first two "episodes." While I did get a sense that there will be an over arching theme, it seems like these issues could be read on their own with no trouble. The graphic novel was fun, and was pretty much everything I would look for, regarding Doctor Who stories - adventure, time travel, ridiculous hijinks, and more.

The art was well done. I prefer my graphic novels to be a little more detailed than these were. But you could definitely tell who was who, and had a good sense of expressions, so well done there.

Cover Lovin': The cover was simple and to the point. I like it - though I don't think I would automatically know it was a graphic novel if I just saw the cover art.

Recommendation: For fans of Doctor Who and graphic novels. Or maybe someone who just needs to beef up on their Doctor Who drug while we eagerly anticipate the 50th anniversary episode.

Final Rating: THREE out of FIVE (3/5). I'd give it higher, but I really only got a portion of the book (maybe a little over a fifth?), so I can't properly judge the whole thing. If the rest of the book was in the same vein as what I read, it would definitely be at least a FOUR star rating.

Happy Reading!
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