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Interview: DANE COBAIN author of "No Rest For The Wicked"

Dane Cobain, author of "No Rest For The Wicked," has joined me at Novel Addiction to answer a few questions! Be sure to check out his awesome book, and find him on the web! See the links below.

1. Plotter or Pantser? Or do you have your own writing method?

I plot, but not to an excessive level - in fact, when it comes to editing,
one of the jobs I have to do is to check things like eye colour and other
attributes that I didn't necessarily plan out. I usually do a short
character profile for each of the main characters, and then I start to plan
out each individual chapter, usually with a paragraph per chapter. From
that, I just start writing!

2.  If you could make everyone read one book, what would it be? And sure, it can be your own!

Then I'll go for my own - No Rest for the Wicked! And there's a good reason
for it - it's a novella, so it's pretty short, and it's also a fast-paced
thriller with a pretty broad appeal. The main piece of constructive
criticism that I've received so far has been that people thought it was too
short, but I see that as a good thing - I'm hoping that it means that
they'll be looking forward to my next release with bated breath. And the
good thing about everyone reading a book that's easy to read is that they'll
be more likely to go and pick up another book, afterwards!

3. Name your go-to author for a good read.

Charles Bukowski, for both his fiction and his poetry. I have high
expectations of his work because he's one of my favourite authors, and he
still hasn't let me down. His work isn't for everyone, though - he was an
alcoholic womaniser, but he could write.

4. How do you write? Computer, by-hand, etc?

I used to write everything by hand and then type it up, and that's what I
did for No Rest for the Wicked, but I'm probably going to try to type my
next novel because it's a lot faster. I still write poetry by hand, though!

5. Stand-alones or series, what is your preference?

I usually prefer standalones, both to read and to write - that way, I think
you get more diversity. I think they allow you to jump between ideas a lot
faster, and that can only be a good thing.

6. How important are covers to you as a reader and a writer?

I think they're very important - even more so, as a writer. The cover is
quite often what draws potential readers in, and so I think it's vital to
get them right - you want to form a good impression. As a reader, they're
somewhat less important, but they do still contribute to the overall
aesthetics of the book. But so do things like the paper quality, and the
size and width.

About "No Rest For The Wicked"
When the Angels attack, there’s NO REST FOR THE WICKED.

Father Montgomery, an elderly priest with a secret past, begins to investigate after his parishioners come under attack, and with the help of Jones, a young businessman with an estranged child, Montgomery begins to track down the origin of the Angels.

The Angels are naked and androgynous. They speak in a dreadful harmony with no clear leader. These aren’t biblical cherubs tasked with the protection of the righteous – these are deadly creatures of light that have the power to completely eradicate.

When Jones himself is attacked, Father Montgomery knows he has to act fast. He speaks to the Angels and organises a final showdown where he’s asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.

About Dane Cobain
Dane Cobain is a writer, poet and musician from a place you've probably never heard of, somewhere in England. When he's not writing books, he's reading and reviewing them on his book blog - - or working at his day job in social media marketing. Find him at or follow @DaneCobain on Twitter.

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Release Day Blast: MAKE ME SIN by J. T. Geissinger

J.T. Geissinger's MAKE ME SIN is available now from Montlake Romance! Are you ready to meet the drummer of Bad Habit, A.J. Edwards? Trust us - you want to meet him! If you love your men alpha and mysterious, with many secrets,...A.J. is exactly who you're looking for!

Get your hands on MAKE ME SIN today - find out more about this sexy contemporary read below!

Geissinger-MakeMeSin-19399-CV-FT-V3 (1)


Chloe Carmichael’s life feels pretty sweet—she’s both maid of honor and florist for her best friend’s A-list wedding, things are getting serious with her boyfriend, and her flower shop is about to get a spread in a national magazine. But it all quickly turns sour whenever the best man, Bad Habit drummer A.J. Edwards, shows his face…his handsome, unforgettable face. A.J. is everything Chloe doesn’t want: tattooed, selfish, and all-around bad news. So why can’t she stop thinking about him? Goody two-shoes Chloe isn’t exactly A.J.’s type, either, but the chemistry between them is undeniable. A.J. will be the first to say he isn’t a saint, but there’s something he’s not saying—something that would devastate Chloe. The only way he can protect her is to push her away, but the drummer finds he needs her now more than ever. When a wedding-day confrontation reveals secrets they’re both hiding, will Chloe and A.J. ever find their rhythm again?

MAKE ME SIN is available now – add it to your Goodreads list here!
Get your hands on MAKE ME SIN now:

Read an excerpt from MAKE ME SIN:

Now he’s grinning. Grinning. “You’re a real piece of work, aren’t you, Princess?” I refuse to answer him. I won’t give him the satisfaction. I can’t let him bait me. Like Jamie said, I have to show some class, and let it go. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get my feet to agree with my brain’s command to turn around and walk away. We stare at each other in silence. He moves closer to me, his gaze never leaving mine. His voice drops so low it’s almost intimate. “You want to know what I see when you open your mouth?” He smells like something I’d like to eat. Something warm and sugary, like a fresh-baked cookie. My mouth waters, but I’m far too stunned by what’s happening to examine my physical reaction to him. My heartbeat skyrockets. He leans closer. He inhales, as if he’s scenting me, too. He puts his lips right next to my ear, so close I feel his warm breath feather down my neck. It makes me shiver. “Ask me what I see, Chloe.” It’s the first time he’s ever spoken my name. Electricity runs through my body, setting every nerve on fire. My nipples harden. My breath falters. Even if I wanted to, I can’t speak. He slowly turns his face, skimming the tip of his nose across the skin of my jaw. When we’re eye to eye and nose to nose, he whispers, “Ask me.” The shop disappears. We’re suspended in empty space, alone in an endless sea of black. All I see are his eyes, gold and gorgeous and haunting. “W-what do you see?” In near silence, with barely a breath, A.J. murmurs, “Ghosts.” All the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. My arms pimple with gooseflesh. He turns and leaves me standing there, gaping after him like a fool.

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About J.T. Geissinger

J.T. Geissinger is an award winning and best-selling author of dark, sexy romance. She is the recipient of the Prism Award for Best First Book, the Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, and was a finalist for the prestigious RITA© Award from the Romance Writers of America. Her work has also finaled in the Booksellers’ Best, National Readers’ Choice, and Daphne du Maurier Awards. She lives in California with her husband, on whom all her heroes are based. Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Instagram

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Review: PROTECT HER: Part One by Ivy Sinclair

Release Date: July 2nd, 2014

Type: Serial novel, Series, Book One, Part One, Demons, Paranormal Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Who knew necromancers could be hot?

About the Book: Get in. Get the job done. Get out. Get paid. 
It’s a simple motto that I’ve lived by for the last five years. It’s kept me alive and made me rich. 

There’s no love lost between me and the supernatural beings who walk the world beside us. But when it comes to being able to retrieve valuable information from the dead, Necromancer Riley Stone is the only game in town. They know it. I know it too, and that’s why my services aren’t cheap. 

The archangel Benjamin hired me to find out why he has a new demon problem. Three demon interrogations in, and the only thing I know is that the demons are in hot pursuit of a nameless young woman. She’s here on Calamata Island, and the demon officials are willing to risk Benjamin’s wrath to grab her. 

But I found her first, and she’s nothing like what I expected. In my line of work, you can’t afford to let anyone get too close. But there’s something about Paige Matthews that I can’t shake, and she needs my help. I won’t turn her over to Benjamin until I help her find out why the demons are after her. 

So now I’ve got a demon problem, and I’m in way over my head. [Description from]

My Review: I'm going to start off by saying this isn't the best book ever written. It is, however - a very interesting and entertaining read. And if I wasn't so busy with other review books at the moment, I would have one-clicked part two so hard. I read a lot of paranormal romance, and urban fantasy/science fiction, and this still managed to feel different and original. I'd love a little more depth to the demons and the world, but that's something that will come with time. We're jumping into the world just like Paige, but we get the benefit of Riley's knowledge as well.

 I'd definitely say that this author, and this series, is one to keep an eye on. I can't wait to see where it goes, and I've already eyed Ivy Sinclair's back list of titles for future reads. Also, please allow me a moment to drool over the cover.

Cover Lovin': C'mon guys, you know what I"m going to say - this cover just does it for me. I love it!

Recommendation: Make sure you keep in mind that this is a serial novel, so don't expect any resolution to the plot. Be prepared to one-click part 2!

Final Rating: FOUR out of FIVE stars (4/5). Great read! I liked the characters, and I like where this is going.

Make sure to get your copy of Protect Her part 1 from today - and check out Part 2 while you're at it!
Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.