Monday, November 1, 2010

A quick update! (I'm going on a cruise!)

First off, Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you all had a great - And safe!!! - Halloween.

A note about where I disappeared to last week - On tuesday I was feeling the beginnings of a toothache. On Wednesday it had started to swell, and I managed to get in to the dentist, and on Thursday I had my first root canal EVER. The root canal itself didn't hurt, but the needles being shoved into my gum to numb me sure did! That said, I took my time relaxing afterwards, and trying to get over the swelling and sore-ness. I'm actually still swelled, and still easily worn out (I have no clue why, possibly the medication I'm on). That said, today will be just an update, tomorrow (hopefully) a review that I have saved up to post, and Wednesday will be "Whatcha Got Wednesday" as usual.

But after that? Well dear friends - I won't be back until next week! Why?!?! Because I'm going on a Disney Cruise!!! That's right! My family and I are leaving right after I get off work Wednesday afternoon and driving down to Florida, where we will board the ship. It's a three day cruise, so we return to the port on Sunday, and begin our drive home, and we'll probably get home just in enough time for me to get an hour or two of sleep before I'm off to work on Monday morning! So beware, there may not be a post on Monday either.

Wish me luck, I'm in the process of packing, finalizing a couple reviews for RRT, need to finish a library book that's overdue (thank goodness I don't get fines), trying to get better and get my swelling down, and of course working (ick). Hope you all have a good week! And I'll get a review of "Crescendo" by Becca Fitzpatrick up for you tomorrow.

Happy Reading!
~!~ MG