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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review of "Bedeviled Angel" by Annette Blair

Bedeviled Angel (A Works Like Magick Novel)What's that? Another book with an angel? Yes.. yes it is. Shush it, I am not changing the blog name to "Glow's Angel Addiction." We talked about this. That would be weird. Now hush, we have a review to do.
Disclaimer: This is a book borrowed from my local library. I was not given it or any monetary incentive for a positive review.

Type: Paranormal Romance, Angels!, Guardians, Kids, Agoraphobia, Yellow Brick Road, I want a house like this, Awww puppies

From the back of the book: "   When Queisha Saint-Denis agreed to be a surrogate mother for a jet-setting - but childless - couple, she never dreamed she'd see a return on her gift. Literally. But now she's looking at two adorable orphans, who come with a lot of baggaged: there's a battle brewing over who "inherits" them and their huge fortune, plus an unwanted (and alarmingly attractive) guardian, who she's sure has been hired by the dueling family members to keep and eye on her more than the children. Chance Godricson is keeping an eye on Queisha. In fact, he's her guardian angel. Ever since he gave his life to save hers, Chance has felt an undeniable connection to Queisha. And now that he's back on Earth, in her house, surrounded by two scene-stealing moppets and a woman he finds irresistible, Chance is about to discover that helping Queisha and still staying angelic is not going to be easy... "

Sometimes I feel a little weird when young children are secondary characters. I don't know if it's because they don't seem real, or maybe because they don't act like I expect children that age to act. These children, Lace and Skye, came pretty close, but there was still a few moments where I wasn't sure if they felt too young for their age, or maybe too old. Of course, I'm not a parent, I'm not really around kids this age very much, so maybe they're spot on. I'll admit it, after a while, I started to ignore the kids' part in the story, except when it came to the inevitable fight for custody. Then stuff started to get interesting.

And occasionally, I wasn't sure which character was talking, or what they were talking about. But obviously I was interested enough to keep reading.. and I suppose I could say it paid off in the end. Along these lines, there were a few powers/abilities that just seemed weird to me. I wasn't sure who all had what powers. And the fact that a certain someone could just make a whole trail of bricks pop up and wind itself around the yard? Who has that power? I mean, who's like "Yes... Yes I must have the power to create brick trails for people. Include that in my list of super useful powers.. like the ability to glue pieces of paper together, and have one over-ly rubbery arm." Do you get the picture I'm painting there? Basically I'm saying it's a random, weird power. Obviously not totally useless, but a little weird.

As for the characters. Queisha was quirky, which is totally good, but there were a few times I just wanted her to hush. Or maybe act.. differently. I wanted her to just shut up about the kids being taken away from her and just enjoy it. She told herself so many times to not think about the fact that the kids will probably get taken away, and to just enjoy the time she had with them. That's wonderful... DO IT. As for Chance... Chance is the type of hero that I love - sarcastic and strong. I'm not saying he didn't have his faults - honest to the point of needing a good shaking - but he was someone I'd want to be around, maybe even hang with on occasion. And I did love how he was slowly losing his feathers.

Up until almost the very end, this book was going to be one of those "good, not great, but okay" kind of books. But there was an otherwise not-that-big-a-deal paragraph in the last chapter or two that made me sniffle, and I even had to show a friend. And because of that (Everlasting puppies were involved!), this book was pushed into a different category. So with that, I give you the rating..

So I'm going to give "Bedeviled Angel" by Annette Blair a FOUR out of FIVE (4/5). I did enjoy it, and for the most part, I loved the two main characters. I don't think I could deal with Queisha's neuroses, but I'd definitely want to cuddle up with Chance. And his backstory was a real winner (I LOVED his backstory.. but no spoilers from me).

Have you read the book? Or are you a fan of Annette Blair? Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Want to check this book, or maybe another book by this author, out? Find it at

And check out my review for "Naked Dragon" here.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am confuzzled - Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, Book 1) (Paperback)  This is not a review, this is me being confused about my feelings for this book.. or rather, for this whole series.

I just finished book two, and I am hoping to find book three tomorrow when I get to work - this is part of my problem. WHY DO I WANT TO KEEP READING! Georgia is so.. so.. MEAN! In fact, she's most definitely a bee-otch. She has some witty moments, in fact I'm in love with how she speaks with her parents, because it is so achingly teenagery. But how she treats her best friend Jas.. heck, how she treats everyone is just so mean and disrespectful. And frankly, if I hear one more thing about her trying to suck her nose in I'm going to strangle her.

On the other hand.. I MUST have the next book. MUST keep reading! I'm really not sure why. They're super quick reads, so maybe that helps. But I think I want to keep reading to see if Georgia grows any as a person. And to see if she and Sex God get together.

Also.. how is she and her friends getting away with so much stuff? Are they way more leniant in England?

And it's not just Georgia.. every girl in that school has some seriously mean moments. Except for Nauseating P. Green.. She gets mentioned a few times a book, and I feel so bad for her. Having to go to school with these mean people. Mean girls.

Speaking of that - I would so not be able to handle an all girls school. Especially when the girls are this catty. And when the teachers are that weird. Yikes.

Has anyone else read this series? Or want to? I've picked the books up because I couldn't get over the awesome titles. That, and I apparently have a YA fetish. Along with my Angel fetish ( Give me a YA Angel book and I'll be set for life. WHAT?! Crescendo comes out soon??? I know, I have mine pre-ordered. n.n).

Share your thoughts with me please. Want to check out the first book in mean Georgia's series? Find it at

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A quick Public Service Announcement

Everyone, please take a moment out of your day to head over to Katiebab's blog, Babbling about books and more, and comment on THIS post. If she reaches 500 comments, she will donate $250 to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and $250 to The Trevor Project.

Not only that, but if she reaches her goal, several other authors and kind souls have pledged to donate, bringing the total amount to $775. This is a beautiful thing these people are doing, trying to get the word out to teens that IT GETS BETTER. No one should have to suffer bullying, let alone feel like taking their life is the only way to end it. Please, it just takes a few seconds to comment.

Right now, Katiebabs is less than 100 comments from her goal - join in and support the cause!

Thank you for your time, and hopefully for your comment as well!
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Review of "The Earth, My Butt, and other BIG Round Things" by Carolyn Mackler

The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Any book with a title like this will grab my attention. I wish I would have read this book as a teen.

Disclaimer: This book has been borrowed. It was not given to me, the reviewer, in exchange for a review, nor was I given any monetary incentive for a positive review. However, I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you use my links to buy this product or anything else from, I may profit. A teeny, tiny, barely there bit.

Type: YA Fiction, Highschool Sucks, Parents don't understand, Family Drama, Boy problems, Coming of Age

From the back of the book: "  Virginia Shreves has a larger-than-average body and a plus-size inferiority complex. She lives on the Web, snarfs junk food, and obeys the "Fat Girl Code of Conduct." Then there are other Shreveses: Mom is an exercise fiend and a successful adolescent psychogist; Dad, when not jet-setting, or golfing in Connecticut, ogles skinny women on TV; and older siblings Byron and Anais are slim, brilliant, and impossible to live up to. Delete Virginia and the Shreveses are a picture-perfect family.. until a phone call changes everything.  "

I think if a parent or authority figure read the first two or three pages of this book, and those pages only, they would see a good reason to ban/challenge this book. And after reading those first few pages, I understand why this book has been challenged. But if an adult actually takes the time to read this book, the whole way through, they would see how truly wonderful it is. This book left me with a wonderful feeling at the end, and I honestly wish I had known about it when I was younger. Virginia really triumphs in the end, and leaves even the reader feeling empowered.

This author deserves any and every award she got for this book. First off, there is no skirting on the emotional drama (the big brother Virginia always looked up to did WHAT?!). And secondly, I want to applaud the fact that the doctor Virginia's mother drags her to speaks to Virginia like she is an adult, and tells her she doesn't need to lose weight, she just needs to get healthy. And after seeing how Virginia deals with emotional stress, he finds a perfect solution for her - kickboxing. Virginia slowly learns to love herself, and she starts feeling again - instead of just numbly going through her life like she had been.

I would go into absolutely everything I loved about this book, but then this post would be as long as the book.. probably because I loved it all. I'm a teen no longer, but even so, this book left me with a wonderful feeling, so much so that I giddily hopped out of bed when I finished it and pranced around my room. That's right, I PRANCED. GIDDILY! If I have a daughter, when she reaches fifteen or so, I will definitely give her this book. If I had enough money, I'd buy a bunch of copies and give one to every teenaged girl I saw on the street. But probably people would be a little creeped out by me.

In short, I am giving "The Earth, My Butt, and Other BIG Round Things" by Carolyn Mackler a FIVE out of FIVE (5/5). I loved this book. I'd make everyone read it if I could. I sincerely hope other girls, whether they're teenaged or older, read this book and feel the same sense of Girl Power I did.

Have you read this book? Please please PLEASE comment and tell me your thoughts. Want to read it? (YOU SHOULD!) - Find it at!

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