Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A quick Public Service Announcement

Everyone, please take a moment out of your day to head over to Katiebab's blog, Babbling about books and more, and comment on THIS post. If she reaches 500 comments, she will donate $250 to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and $250 to The Trevor Project.

Not only that, but if she reaches her goal, several other authors and kind souls have pledged to donate, bringing the total amount to $775. This is a beautiful thing these people are doing, trying to get the word out to teens that IT GETS BETTER. No one should have to suffer bullying, let alone feel like taking their life is the only way to end it. Please, it just takes a few seconds to comment.

Right now, Katiebabs is less than 100 comments from her goal - join in and support the cause!

Thank you for your time, and hopefully for your comment as well!
~ Morning Glow

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