Thursday, September 22, 2011

Novel Addiction was featured on Avery Flynn's blog!

Hello everyone! I've been busy working 10 hour days because I get to leave for Florida on Saturday! That's right, I'm going to Disney World and Universal Studios - oh yeah, I'm going to the Harry Potter park!!

But I did take some time out to answer some interview questions - go check out my answers to Avery's questions on her blog. And then go play around on her site, she has some great content, and I know I'm eager to check out her book, "Up a Dry Creek"!

I'll be posting pictures as soon as possible when I return from vacation (or maybe even during!), and I'll probably do a trip wrap-up post, since Disney and Universal are some of my favorite vacay spots.

Don't forget to visit me at Avery's blog. Learn a little bit more about me (if you dare!). =)

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~

Monday, September 19, 2011

Reviewing: When the review doesn't write itself..

Anyone who has reviewed a product or a book will know that sometimes the review just writes itself. Maybe this was one of the best books you've ever read, and all the great things about it just organize themselves into a beautiful review. Or maybe it was a book you absolutely hated, and again, all those bad things come forward into a cohesive and constructive review.

But then there are books that just leave you going "Well..." - it's not that the book was bad, good, or in between, but it just doesn't leave you with that "gotta talk about this now!" feeling. I've run into this type of book more often than not in the past few months, and sometimes it takes all I have just to write up a description of the book.  I've started taking steps to avoid this - usually by making notes while reading the book. You should see the pile of books I have with a sheet of paper tucked in it, with more than a few scribbles.

And then what? Just because I have notes, sometimes quite detailed notes, doesn't mean I can make that into a constructive and beneficial review. Writers talk about writers block, but what about the reviewer? I guess that means we have reviewers block. We all know what to say about DNF (did not finish) books.. but what about ones that are just incredibly difficult to review? CNR [Can Not Review]? Maybe WRLWICAWI [Will Review Later When I Can Actually Write It]?

Or am I the only one that has this problem.

If not, reviewers - please feel free to leave your help tips and tricks in the comment section! If I get some good ones, I'll write a part 2 post, mentioning your helpful hints, so other reviewers can benefit from your knowledge.

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~