Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekly Reading Update 2/20-2/26/16!

Another Weekly Reading Update! My week started off slow since I had to work all weekend and extra long days during the week, but I still managed to sneak in some reading time.

As we’re still in the midst of the Teen Reading Challenge, I started my weekend with some graphic novels..

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, volume 1: Squirrel Power by Ryan North. This was super cute, but I wasn’t wowed like I have been with some other Marvel titles. I’m definitely planning to continue with the second volume, though.

I also read The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks. Goodreads has been recommending this graphic novel to me for years, and I always ignored it. Until I found this list of the best graphic novels written by women - and Superhero Girl was on it. So I broke down and requested it from the library, and now I’m mad at myself for waiting so long! It was great. Definitely check this one out. Girl power!

Another book I had been putting off even though I heard some great things - Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker. This is on a list of “Essential New Adult Books” that I found in a book review magazine. I copied down the list of titles, and I’m working my way through them, even though I had already read pretty many on the list. Ten Tiny Breaths was so good. Emotional, gritty… and definitely messed up. But so, so good. I’ve already requested book 2!

I also went on a bit of a Princeless binge.. as in, I read Princeless: The Short Stories, Princeless volume 4, and Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess. If you like girl power graphic novels, this is definitely a series to pick up. In fact, Raven's book was like Rat Queens, but safer for a younger audience. They're so cute, well written, and everything I could have hoped for when I wanted a good new series to read.

I think that's more than enough for this week.. but don't worry, I have plenty more manga volumes requested from the library, so I will be a reading fool soon enough!

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review: THE SCAM by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg!

Release Date: September 15th, 2015

Type: Series, Mystery, Suspense, Con Artists & Thieves, Nick Fox can steal my heart anytime

About the Book: Nicolas Fox is a charming con man and master thief on the run. Kate O’Hare is the FBI agent who is hot on his trail. At least that’s what everyone thinks. In reality, Fox and O’Hare are secretly working together to bring down super-criminals the law can’t touch. Criminals like brutal casino magnate Evan Trace.

Evan Trace is running a money-laundering operation through his casino in Macau. Some of his best customers are mobsters, dictators, and global terrorists. Nick and Kate will have to go deep undercover as high-stakes gamblers, wagering millions of dollars—and their lives—in an attempt to topple Trace’s empire.

It’s a scam that will take Fox and O’Hare from the Las Vegas strip, to the sun-soaked beaches of Oahu’s North Shore, and into the dark back alleys of Macau. Their only backup—a self-absorbed actor, a Somali pirate, and Kate’s father, and an ex-soldier who believes a rocket launcher is the best way to solve every problem. What could possibly go wrong? [Description from]
My Review: Anyone who has read this blog for a long time will know that I have a slight obsession with thieves and conmen. I can’t help it. I’m drawn to fiction involving not-so-great characters. For instance, White Collar and Leverage are two of my all-time favorite TV shows. So of course, when I read the information about the first book in this series, I had to have it. And if we’re judging just by my love of thieves, this entire series would be five star material.

But alas, that’s not an option. I do love this series. It’s fun to read, I can definitely see the partnership between Evanovich (the characterizations) and Lee Goldberg (the mystery/con aspects). The characters are funny and endearing, especially the oddballs, which is Evanovich’s specialty. And Goldberg knows his way around a mystery. Everything works and moves as it should - but if this book was a machine, it’d be a simple one.
The Scam is the fourth book in the Fox and O’Hare series - and already, they are starting to feel formulaic. The con is planned, begins with everything going along as it should, and then suddenly something complicates that con, and the con evolves into conning that complication as well. Don’t get me wrong, the formula works.. I just wish Evanovich and Goldberg would throw a wrench into their own plan and give us something weird and different.

That definitely started to happen at the end. This ending is a cliffhanger and.. well, it felt different, original, and fascinating. So of course, I’m going to read the next book. Even if this ending was just like the previous ones, I would read the next book. I love conmen and thieves. But this ending gives me hope that the series is going to evolve. Fingers crossed that holds true.

Cover Lovin’: This fits all the rest of the covers - simple, but effective.

Recommendation: Several past gigs were mentioned, and an old character returns - so prior knowledge of the series is recommended. And be prepared to pre-order the next one after this cliffhanger!

Final Rating: THREE POINT FIVE out of FIVE (3.5/5) stars! If you were to ask me to rate it just based on the ending, the rating would be higher, for sure. But this book is entertaining, but ultimately simplistic.

Make sure to get your copy of “The Scam” by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. And be sure to check out the previous books in the series if you haven’t already!

Happy Reading!

~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. Thanks, Netgalley!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Release Day Launch: FROM SANCTUM WITH LOVE by Lexi Blake!

  FSWLTeaser-4-vAvail       Psychologist Kai Ferguson has had his eye on Kori Williamson for a long time. His assistant is everything he’s ever wanted in a partner—smart, caring, witty, and a bit of a masochist. More than a little, actually, but that’s the problem. Kori won’t admit her own desires. She’s afraid of him and what he has to offer. Luckily for her, helping patients face their fears is one of his specialties. Kori knows she wants Kai. Her boss is the most amazing man she’s ever met. She’s also smart enough to stay away from him. Having been down this road before, she knows it only leads to heartache. She’s just found a place where she can belong. Another failed relationship is the last thing she needs. It’s better to guard her heart and let Kai think she’s frightened of his dark, dominant nature. When Kai is recruited for an operation with McKay-Taggart, everything is turned upside down. Kai’s brother, international superstar Jared Johns, is in town and Kai must juggle his family issues along with a desperate hunt for a serial killer. The investigation throws Kori and Kai together, and they quickly discover the chemistry between them is undeniable. But even if their newfound love can survive his secrets and her lies, it may not be enough to save them both from a killer’s twisted obsession.    

Amazon Amazon UK iTunes Google Play Barnes & Noble

      From Sanctum with Love_FB-Ad-2     “How did everyone else get here?” “My brother seems to be stalking me and Case came over because he was worried about you. Apparently he knew about someone vandalizing your car.” That was news to her. “He did? I didn’t tell him.” “Who did you tell?” The question came out with an edge of irritation. “Sarah and Mia. I decided to wait until this morning to call someone because it was late last night.” And I’d been trying to avoid you only to end up having the best sleep of my life because I was wrapped around you. Yeah, she wasn’t going to say that. “How about the police? Were you going to call them? If you’re going to make an insurance claim, you’ll need a police report. Or are you going to claim that your tires died of natural causes?” She held her hands up, attempting to placate him. Why did her room seem so much smaller when he was in it? It was a good-sized room, but Kai took up all the space. “You’re right. I should have called last night, but I was tired and I wanted to get home and get in bed.” His gorgeous eyes narrowed. “You weren’t in bed. You were sitting up with your friends drinking wine. Try again.” “Kai, what’s going on here? It’s a couple of tires.” “You were supposed to call me if you got in trouble.” “I wasn’t really in…” What was she doing? Before yesterday she would never have lied to Kai. Not right to his face. “I was nervous about seeing you after the scene.” “Finally some honesty. I’ll handle it. I’ll deal with the police and get you what you need for your insurance. The boys from McKay-Taggart will set up some discreet surveillance cameras around our parking lot.” There was a reason they didn’t have that. “I thought you didn’t want the patients to feel like they were walking into a secure zone.” Some of them had serious issues with people watching them. They dealt with a lot of PTSD patients. “I will deal with them. Your safety is more important. Now turn around, pull your pants down and place your palms flat on the bed. It’s a count of thirty.” She could actually feel her womb spasm. “What?” Nothing about his face or stance conveyed that he was anything but dead serious. “This was a condition of your employment. It has been from the beginning.” If she wasn’t careful her damn jaw was going to hit the floor. “I remember the conditions of my employment. Are you saying if I’d been late and hadn’t called, you would have spanked me?” “I suppose we should be happy you’re a very prompt girl. And you tend to be good about calling. We’ll never know. What I do know is that after last night, I will definitely spank you and you’ll enjoy it. You might start showing up late just so you can walk into my office and present that juicy ass to me.” He moved in front of her, staring down at her with heat in his eyes. “I want you to think before you tell me no. I want you to question which side of the Kori I know is going to win this battle. Is it the funny, happy, brave Kori who never stands down from a challenge, or the one who’s denied herself for years because some idiot asshole Dom made her feel small. I won’t ever make you feel small. My job in life will be to lift you up, to help you be strong.” His words cut through her. “What are you saying, Kai? Is this about you being my boss or acting as my play partner?” She thought they’d worked it out last night. His hands cupped her cheeks, forcing her to look up at him. “I’m acting as your Dom, Kori, and you know it. You can pretend all you like. You can call it whatever you want to, but you know how this ends. This ends with you and me.” She shook her head. “Kai, yesterday we were nothing more than friends.” “Yesterday I didn’t understand you. Today I do, and I want you more than I want my next fucking breath. I’ll go slow. I’ll give you all the time you need to wrap that gorgeous brain around the idea. I’ll be indulgent as hell with the exception of two things.” “Do I dare ask?” “You play with me and only me. I won’t play with anyone but you. And when something goes wrong, you call me. You give me the chance to protect you, to shelter you.” “I thought we agreed to keep it to the club.” “I didn’t agree to that and why should we?” He sounded so reasonable. “What does scared Kori say?” “Scared Kori thinks this is all moving too fast, but she’s kind of drowned out by Wants to Kiss You Kori.” His lips curled up in the sweetest smile. “I know who I’m voting for. Come on, baby. We’ve been dancing around this since the day we met. I’ve put up stupid boundaries because I was scared, too. I’ve pushed away a lot of good in my life because I couldn’t trust it. I cuddled you last night and all I could think about was the fact that I trust you. Of all the people in the world, I trust you most. I want to be with you. When I’m with you I’m not lonely.” The man knew exactly what to say to shut Scared Kori up. When she was with him, she didn’t feel the hole in her soul the way she did before. Somehow even simply being friends with the man had filled her in a way no one had before. Was she going to let him go because Morgan had been a giant massive asshole? If he hadn’t been, she wouldn’t have found Kai. She went on her toes before she could talk herself out of it and brushed her lips against his. Warm, soft. Those lips were plump and sensual and he somehow made them masculine. They were like the rest of Kai. Utterly beautiful and on someone else perhaps a bit feminine, but Kai was all man. He was still as she kissed him, her lips moving softly over his. It wouldn’t last long. He was giving her this time. He would take over and her whole body thrilled at the idea. He was right. They couldn’t go back after last night. They’d connected in such an intimate way that she didn’t want to. Yes, she was still afraid, but this man was worth the risk. When she eased back down, he was smiling at her. “Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to kiss me?” “Probably since last night.” His hands smoothed back her hair, making her feel so wanted and cared for. “Since the day I met you.”
 Lexi_BlakeNY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog in the world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn't until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem. Facebook Twitter Website Amazon Author Page     

Monday, February 22, 2016


Bad Boys of the Night Boxed Set Blog Barrage
Bad Boys of the Night: Eight Sizzling Paranormal Romances Boxed Set is now available worldwide for a special introductory price of only $0.99!
This ebook boxed set features sizzling paranormal romances by eight New York Times and USA Today best-selling romance authors. Fulfil your darkest fantasies with alpha-male bad boys of the night in these stories about vampires, shifters, fallen angels, werewolves, demons, psychic warriors and ghosts.
Here’s more about this fantastic eight book boxed set, including an excerpt from one of the stories.
Bad Boys of the Night: Eight Sizzling Paranormal Romances is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks stores and other retailers. Find the links to your preferred retailer at:
Bad Boys of the Night Boxed Set
Bad Boys of the Night: Eight Sizzling Paranormal Romances By Jennifer Ashley, Erin Kellison, Laurie London, Colleen Gleason, Felicity Heaton, Bonnie Vanak, Caris Roane and Erin Quinn
Bad Wolf (Shifters Unbound) by Jennifer Ashley
Wolf Shifter Broderick is stuck looking after his three younger brothers and a Collar-less Shifter who is driving him crazy, but he’s putting up with them for Joanne, the human woman he wants to take as mate. When Broderick is captured, mistaken for a Guardian, it’s Joanne who figures out that hackers are after the Guardian Network, the database that holds the deep secrets of Shifters past and present.
Shadow Fall (Shadow series) by Erin Kellison
A man with all Custo’s sins isn't cut out to be an angel. One moment he's fleeing Heaven; the next, he's waking up stark naked, called by a woman who's afraid of the dark. Shadow gathers around Annabella as she performs, a magic that allows her to move between worlds. Her abilities attract a primeval wolf, and it stalks her relentlessly. Custo stops at nothing to keep her safe, and though danger proves seductive, they fight for redemption and love.
Warrior’s Heart (Iron Portal) by Laurie London
Librarian by day, Zara Kane is a thief by night, stealing artifacts that belong to her homeland. When she learns a man she once loved has been wrongly imprisoned, she uses her para-abilities to orchestrate a daring escape. Vince Crawford isn’t afraid of anything, but when the woman he’s never stopped loving and the son he never knew he had are threatened by a ruthless enemy, he will stop at nothing to keep them safe… even if it costs him his life.
The Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason
In 19th Century London, vampires live alongside the uppercrust members of Society... Even after centuries of lust, hedonism, and women, Voss, rarely finds himself bored. He is a rogue of the first order who loves nothing more than a warm woman, excellent vintage, and even a puzzling challenge to keep his mind active. But when one of his seemingly harmless manipulations sets him on the path to seduce the beautiful Miss Angelica Woodmore, things become a little less simple…a lot more passionate…and definitely more complicated.
Hunger (Vampires Realm Series) by Felicity Heaton
A vampire assassin hardened by centuries of service, Tor is a man of discipline and loyalty, never straying from his mission, and has purged all his weaknesses, including his emotions. But the moment he meets the broken, fiery female he is to escort to Oslo, something dangerous awakens in him, something possessive and powerful, and when he is pulled into a deadly game of cat and mouse with the man who betrayed her, Tor discovers he will do anything to protect the woman slowly claiming his heart and give her the vengeance she desires—even break all the rules.
The Mating Challenge (Werewolves of Montana) by Bonnie Vanak
Alpha werewolf and ranch owner Aiden Mitchell desires the curvy, vivacious Nikita Blakemore, alpha female of the Blakemore pack. He will have her as his mate and no other. To force her hand, Aiden maneuvers her into hosting a Mating Challenge, the ultimate warrior competition for werewolves, where males fight for the right to mate and breed with a female alpha. Fiercely protective of his future mate, Aiden will do anything to make her his own, even fight to the death...
Dark Flame (Flame Series) by Caris Roane
Committed to the rule of law, vampire Border Patrol Officer Robert Brannick falls hard for a beautiful fae woman who illegally seduces him in his dreams…
Diablo Springs, by Erin Quinn
When she escaped Diablo Springs years ago, Gracie Beck swore she’d never return. But all that changes on the night of her grandmother’s death when Diablo Springs lures Gracie’s teenage daughter to its treacherous border. Gracie races to the rescue—only to find herself trapped in the undercurrent of a hundred year old curse and the menacing spirits that still terrorize the town. She isn’t prepared to deal with Reilly Alexander—a man from her past who she’s never forgotten—at the same time. Reilly is determined to help Gracie and prove his to love to her, but they’ve come to a dangerous place where every lurking shadow should be feared...
Bad Boys of the Night: Eight Sizzling Paranormal Romances is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks stores and other retailers. Find the links to your preferred retailer at:


The next thing Angelica knew, the wall was behind her and Voss was in front of her, very close, his fingers curved around her upper arms. He’d yanked away the mask covering the lower part of his face, and she could see, even in the low light, the flat line of his mouth and the pinch of his nostrils.
She tried to swallow, and felt a renewed rush of heat behind her mask. She wanted to tear the heavy velvet and lace confection away so she wasn’t so stifled, and suddenly, the very thought became reality as he stripped it up and off her head, tossing it aside. None too gently.
“What has happened?” he asked, closing his fingers around one of her wrists. His eyes penetrated hers, and for the first time, she felt a trickle of fear. They were glittering, not with fascination, but with…menace. “Tonight. What happened?”
In the closeness of that dim corner, Angelica felt the rise and fall of his breathing, and the racing pulse beating in her throat. It threatened to choke her.
“I don’t know what you mean,” she said, trying to keep her voice steady.
His breathing shifted and a delicate tremor rippled through his arms as if he were restraining himself. “I smell blood, Angelica. On you. All over you. I want to know where in the damned hell it came from.”
His words, uttered from between very tight jaws, nevertheless snapped like a whip between them. She couldn’t have said which startled her more—his use of her familiar name, the profanity, or the fact that he somehow smelled blood. On her.
She moistened her lips, trying to dispel the sudden dryness in her mouth, and felt his hand tighten reflexively, crushing one of the flowers on the top of her glove. It was at that moment she realized just how dangerous and powerful this man was.
This man, who blocked her into a corner, who had his body very nearly pressed against hers, and whose gaze bored down into her like a weapon.
Her heart pounded so hard she was certain he felt it, too, and she tried to contain her nervousness. Fury rolled off him, but she didn’t believe it was directed toward her.
If he meant her harm, he wouldn’t drag her into a corner where they could easily be discovered.
“I thought he was you. He asked me to waltz,” she replied when his fingers tightened again.
He drew back just a bit, loosened his grip. “You thought he was me?” A shaft of light settled on his face, illuminating one eye and half of his nose and chin. The illusion made him appear even more intimidating.
“He behaved as if we’d met, and he asked me about Chas right away. So I thought he was you,” she defended herself, feeling more in control now. Had his anger been worry for her, then? But he’d smelled blood on her. Such an odd thing to say.
“And then we went out to walk under the stars and…and…he tried to…” Angelica was still a little breathless—from being trotted so quickly across the room, from reliving the fright of her assault, from the steady, dark gaze that continued to bore into her.
“What did he do?” Voss’s fingers tightened and she felt the tension riding along his arms, settling in the space between his brows and drawing them tighter. “Where did the blood come from? It’s not… It can’t be yours.”
She shook her head. “No. He—I stabbed him. It’s his blood.”
His eyes widened and then his entire demeanor changed. The edge eased from what was visible of his expression, and his brows relaxed. He wasn’t smiling, but surprise—and perhaps relief—shone there. Then his face darkened again, the crinkles next to his eyes smoothing as the groove between his brows became more pronounced. “And the man who assaulted you? What happened to him?” He hadn’t released her, and, in fact, she was aware of his shoes brushing hers. Warmth and awareness filled the space between them, and she realized her fingers had curled into the edge of his cloak. She loosened them.
“I don’t know. He ran off. He didn’t return to the ball, I’m certain, for surely all the blood would cause comment.”
“The condition of your gown didn’t,” he reminded her.
“But no one can see it,” she said. “I don’t know how you noticed. You said you smelled blood.” She sniffed, but scented nothing but him. Spicy, masculine and arresting. Very close. She felt a bit lightheaded.
His lips flattened. “Does Corvindale know?”
“No one knows but you. The earl isn’t here this evening.”
Now he smiled, but with that false edge. “Oh, he’s here.”
“As you wish, my lord,” she said, suddenly feeling lighter than she had since arriving at the ball. “I suppose we shall find out when the unmasking takes place.” She cast a look beyond his shoulder, through the filter of hanging vines. It was rather cozy back here in this little corner.
“But our unmasking has already occurred.” Voss’s voice dropped to a purr, and Angelica flashed a quick look at him. He was looking at her in a very different way than he had only moments before. Much like the way he’d been looking at her when their eyes met across the room.
Her heart pounded, hard, as he lifted a hand to skim a gloved finger along the side of her neck. Little prickles of awareness followed, and Angelica found herself hardly able to breathe. She could be put off at such a liberty, but the touch felt oddly chaste. Yet at the same time, the way he looked at her, leaning in closer, felt very intimate.
“I cannot decide whether to be annoyed or gratified,” he said, stroking along beneath her chin, holding her eyes with his.
“What do you mean, my lord?”
He withdrew his hand and adjusted a camellia on her shoulder. “Well, my dear, I could be annoyed and affronted that you mistook another gentleman for me. Apparently I hadn’t made enough of an impression upon you. Or I could be gratified that, thinking he was me, you agreed to walk in the moonlight with him. As unpleasant as that occasion might have turned out to be.”
A little stab of pleasure startled her. “Such a difficult decision, my lord. I cannot even pretend to assist you in making it.” She looked away in all demureness, and realized with a start that she was well and truly, no doubt about it, flirting with Viscount Dewhurst. And managing quite well.
“What is it you thought might happen, walking in the moonlight with me?” he asked. His voice was very near her ear, smooth and low, its very timbre somehow discernible despite the dull roar of music, rushing water, and revelry around them. “Perhaps the experience of your first kiss?”
“Oh,” she said, her breath gone again at the dark light in his eyes. Yet she managed to say, “I’ve already experienced my first kiss.”
Those glittering eyes narrowed with pleasure and he whispered, “I’m rather pleased to hear you say that. Now, let us see about making you forget it.”
Grab the boxed set for just $0.99 to read this story and seven others…
Bad Boys of the Night: Eight Sizzling Paranormal Romances is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks stores and other retailers. Find the links to your preferred retailer at:

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