Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'm just posting to show you all that I am definitely still alive.. and to apologize for being gone so long. And I'm afraid it might have to continue, though I'm working on budgeting my time a little better. And just to show I'm not making this up, here's what I have going on the next couple weeks...

This week: Exam in my film studies class.. studied for that all weekend, and you know, I think I did okay. We can hope, anyways!
Also this week: The show!! That's right, everyone.. on top of being a book worm, I'm also a theatre geek! I used to be in shows all year long, but lately I've moved myself into a techie role, as my mother and aunt have moved into the production/directing roles. Oh, I always did techie stuff, usually helping said mother or aunt, but once again, I'm doing this on my own! You're looking (reading?) at the Stage Manager for a show that opens tomorrow (thursday, eek!). This is only my second time stage managing, and yes, it can be a scary thing.. Anyways, this will finally end Sunday, but then we have to strike the set, and the cast party after.

Next week!: Another exam, this time in my english class, where I have to review 5 different authors and their works (W.E.B. Du Bois, James Weldon Johnson, etc..) and know their stories, and their lives. Yikes..

On top of all this, I have the usually homework for class (a half to a full book per week for my one English class, and an author a week for my other english class, but reading in the text for film studies, and projects and such for my online class). All of that, PLUS reading a book on my own for one of those english classes, and starting the research for a paper based on it.

I keep looking longingly at my TBR pile(s)... I will be back, everyone, I promise! I miss the blogging world! I still manage to get some time to check the blogs of my followers, and some favorites of mine. But I miss the exploring, the chatting, etc... Sigh!

Much love, and happy reading!
Morning Glow