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Review: A PROMISE MADE by Anissa Garcia!


Release Day: November 3rd, 2016

My Review: This is another one that was enjoyable, but I couldn't get too into it. Right away, Marla got on my nerves, and I don't think I ever recovered from my initial impression of her. I get why she was wary of Josh in the beginning, but she was downright rude to him, which made her seem like a jerk more than anything else.

But I continued reading, and got into the story and the relationship. It really was just Marla's first impression that brought this whole thing down for me. That said, I will gladly check out more by this author, because I liked her storytelling.

Cover Lovin': Sweet and simple - love it!

Recommendation: No prior knowledge required, this works just fine on it's own.

Final Rating: THREE out of FIVE stars (3/5)! Good, but I had some issues with the main character.

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

Disclaimer: I received a copy in exchange for a review.

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a-promise-made_finalhigh   About A Promise Made: Josh McKenzie may come off as intimidating with his solid build and cold stare, but when trouble calls, Marla quickly learns there is more to the sexy tatted man with the British accent. And if she’s not careful, she can easily lose herself in his gentle touch and soft voice. A feisty redhead with a mouth that won’t quit, Marla Sullivan knows how to push all of Josh’s buttons, making him want her in the worst way. His biggest hurdle is breaking through her stubborn walls and proving he’s here to stay. When Marla’s faced with an unknown danger, Josh is forced to reveal his buried past. Promises made and surfaced truths may be the catalyst that brings them together...or pushes them further apart. Get your copy today! teaser1 teaser2 author-anissa-garcia About Anissa Garcia: Anissa Garcia resides in Austin, Texas and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications and English. She held an array of jobs including Public Relations Manager for Barnes and Noble. Wanting a change of pace, she moved to Los Angeles where she attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and trained full-time in theatre. After working in Hollywood, she returned to Texas where she has written articles for Cosmopolitan and Lady Couture. When not writing stories, watching movies, or drinking a latte, she loves to daydream about romantic fictional men. C
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Free!: A STONE IN THE SEA by A.L. Jackson!

“A passionate ride of secrets, surprises, and steaming hot sex.”
~Penelope Ward, NYT Bestselling Author
“Sheer brilliance from start to finish.”
~MJ Loves to Read

Grab Your FREE Copy

From NYT Bestselling Author A.L. Jackson…
Sunder lead singer Sebastian Stone is no stranger to trouble.
It follows him wherever he goes.
From his track record, he should have known Shea Bentley would be a problem. But the soft, innocent Southern girl was all he could see. All he wanted to see. Now they’re both drowning in a sea of desire, sinking hopelessly into a world of lust, and their passion refuses to let them up for air.
No matter how much he wants that to be enough…Shea has an inescapable past. One she would do anything to keep running from.
But some secrets never die.
If her history is dragged from the depths, it could tear his world apart. He has to decide if she’s worth fighting the tide or if they should just sink like a stone in the sea.

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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.
Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, as well as the newest BLEEDING STARS novels. Watch for the next installments, STAY and STAND, coming in 2017. If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

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Release Day Launch: SERENADING THE SHADOWS by Jodie Larson!

ssscene Today we have the release day launch for Serenading the Shadows by Jodie Larson! Check it out and grab your copy today!  
   serenadingtheshadows_amazon_ibooks About Serenading the Shadows: No one should have their life planned out at the age of three. Yet that's exactly what happened to Adrienne Carmichael. Paving the way as the "piano prodigy" was all her parents wanted...   Only she didn't.   All she wished for was to be normal, to be a regular teenager and everything that came with it - including the decisions that would shape her life.   Wish granted.   Ten years later, scarred and broken, she knows that being alone isn't everything she imagined. The piano is finally everything, except nobody will ever hear her play again. All that changes when a sexy-as-sin rock god blows into her life. Tall and tattooed with jet-black hair and a dangerous bad-boy smile...he's every girl's fantasy.   To her, he's a distraction, yet Kade Evans is everything she shouldn't want. Instinct tells her to run, but she can't get him out of her mind.   But maybe, just maybe, he can be the one to pull her from the shadows before the darkness swallows her...for good. Get Your Copy Today: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU: Add on Goodreads serenadingtheshadows_full-1 14741789_10154491704534002_541961149_n images pexels-photo-218679       About Jodie Larson: 07 Jodie Larson is a wife and mother to four beautiful girls, making their home in northern Minnesota along the shore of Lake Superior. When she isn’t running around to various activities or working her regular job, you can find her sitting in her favorite spot reading her new favorite book or camped out somewhere quiet trying to write her next manuscript. She’s addicted to reading (just ask her kids or husband) and loves talking books even more so with her friends. She’s also a lover of all things romance and happily ever afters, whether in movies or in books, as shown in her extensive collection of both.   s6zush814678119_10154491704544002_1500373737_o Other books written by Jodie Larson: Fated to be Yours Fated to be Mine Lessons of the Heart   14696962_10154491704539002_1322640950_n You can find Jodie at:   Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:   14963044_10157668965250392_279489943_n   Enter Jodie’s Giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Review: THE COVENANT by Michelle St. James!

covenant-bt-ban Today we have the blog tour for Covenant by Michelle St. James!! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Release Date: September 6th, 2016

Type: Book one, Series, Mafia, Contemporary Romance, Accents!

My Review: I think this was well written, it just didn't work for me, for some reason. I thought the author's descriptions and language were done well, it just took a while for me to get into this. I liked the characters, so I'm a little let down that this wasn't a hit with me. Especially since I'm loving this whole mob/mafia trend.

This is one of those situations where I really know the problem lies not with the book, but with me. I didn't get sucked in as much as I needed to, to really enjoy it. I know if I read this again when I'm in a different mind set, I will probably love it. So I'm already planning to curl up with this book again in the not-too-distant future.

Final Rating: THREE POINT FIVE out of FIVE stars (3.5/5)! It just wasn't doing it for me, but it's totally a personal thing. The writing was good, the story was spot-on - I just didn't get sucked in, and the pacing felt off.

Disclaimer: I received a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.
30732885 About Covenant: Danger. Passion. Obsession.   Heir to a worthless title, Christophe Marchand knows the only way to build an empire in the twenty-first century is with single-minded focus and cold, hard pragmatism.   Which means no distractions.   But that's before he lays eyes on Charlotte Duval.   Charlotte Duval is no man's arm candy.   An expert in antique furniture, Charlotte is in Paris to close up her recently deceased father's antique store. Her plan? Finish the job as quickly as possible, preferably without touching the still-tender wound of their estranged relationship, and return to L.A..   And even the enigmatic Christophe Marchand can't tempt her to stay.   Then the discovery of an elaborate ring hidden inside a 16th century writing desk sets off a chain of events that sends her to Christophe for protection. Soon the pair are traveling to Vienna in search of answers to an unsolved theft that once rocked the art world. But when their hunt intersects with an ominous takeover of Christophe's business, it becomes clear that their common cause will either destroy them -- or force them to come to terms with the true price of love.   This is not your mother’s mob.
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  About Michelle St. James: Michelle St. James aka Michelle Zink is the author of seventeen published books and seven novellas. Her first series, Prophecy of the Sisters (YA), was one of Booklist's Top Ten Debut novels. Her work has also been an Indie Next selection and has appeared on prestigious lists such as the Lonestar List, New York Public Library's Stuff for the Teen Age, and Chicago Public Library's Best of the Best. Her books have been published in over thirty countries and translated into over twenty languages. She lives in New York with too many teenagers and too many cats.
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Excerpt: GILT: ALL FALL DOWN by Geneva Lee



Its taken a lot of years for me to build up enough scar tissue where my mom is concerned that her barbs and dismissals dont hurt me anymore, but apparently, she can still catch me off guard.

“Im staying at Josies,” I tell her in broken fragments while I try to piece together what could be so terrible that she would deign to leave her five-star life and slum it in the burbs.

“Ill come over this evening,” my mom says. “Should I bring McDonalds?”

“Yeah mom, get me a Happy Meal,” I say flatly. We hang up and I wonder if shes experiencing some type of medical incident thats caused a temporary bought of amnesia. Maybe she hit her head and thinks Im nine years-old and that Ive been at Josies for an extended sleepover. 

“What was that about?” Josie asks as soon as Im off the phone.

I give her a look that says way more than what comes out of my mouth next. “Guess whos coming to dinner?”

GILT: ALL FALL DOWN by Geneva Lee is LIVE!
Contemporary romantic suspense title and the FINAL book in the GILT series.
It's time to find out #WhoKilledNathanielWest 


The stunning final book in the Gilt series. In Belle Mére, sin and secrets go hand in hand, but when what happens in Vegas doesn't stay there, no twisted secret will be safe. Everyone here has something to hide and a lot more to loose, including their lives.

When the Dealer plays his card, will they all fall down?


GILT: By Invitation Only by Geneva Lee (Gilt Series, #1) Amazon:

GILT: Sin Never Sleeps by Geneva Lee (Gilt Series, #2)

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Author Bio:
Geneva Lee is the New York Times, USA Today, and Internationally bestselling author of the Royals Saga. She likes writing steamy scenes almost as much as imagining crazy ways to torture her characters. Geneva travels frequently, never says no to champagne, and spends more time with fictional people than living, breathing ones. She lives her husband and two children.
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