Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sorry guys, an update

-Sigh- I have missed my blog so much, and I have been longing to come back to it. But the truth is, I won't be able to for at least a little longer. I am in my last semester of my undergraduate studies. Assuming I pass all my exams (I dang well better, considering how hard I worked this semester), this time next week, I will hold a Bachelors in History. What's next? Either going to a different school to get my much desired Bachelors in English, or to graduate school to obtain a Master of Arts in Creative Writing. Next week is my exams, though I only have one real exam, the rest are papers. I love having a blog, I love reading, and I love reviewing my books on said blog, but I always told myself this can't get in the way of my schoolwork, especially in this important last semester. So here I am, but I will return.

I will be back! And thank you to those that have stuck around, and will continue to stick around until I'm back.

Happy reading!

~!~ Morning Glow