Friday, February 25, 2011

Follow Friday and 18+ Blogger Tag Along!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! And welcome to any new friends-slash-followers! A quick intro - my name is Amanda, and I review books here as well as for Romance Reviews Today! I love Paranormal Romance, Romance (in general), and Young Adult (in general). And for some quick news - I now have a Goodreads account! Feel free to find and friend me there, if you're so inclined. =)

My current favorite TV show? BONES! I love Bones. Such a good, nerdy show.

Photobucket  Name a couple of your favorite erotic authors: Umm... I don't read a lot of erotic books, mostly paranormal romance. But.. Lorelei James would definitely be on the list!

Until next week - Happy Reading! And have a great weekend!

~!~ Amanda ~!~


Awesomesauce Book Club said...

Hey there, I watched Bones when it first came out and I really liked it. I just suck at keeping up. I am the same way I read more Paranormal Romance then Erotic. Have a Great Weekend

Aleetha said...

I have never heard about Bones.

Just follow you a week ago :)

BLHmistress said...

I love Bones too, but my fave is True Blood.

Follow Friday and Blog Hops

BookGirl said...

I'm stopping by from the 18 & over tag along. I'm following you now. Have a great weekend and stop by my blog of you have the time:

Sally Sapphire said...

Hi, hon - already a follower, but sharing the Friday love anyway. Keep reading, and have a fabulous weekend! :)

Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

J. J. Westendarp said...

Follow Friday hop!

Love Bones too. So many good shows, so little time.

Kyanara_night said...


stopping by for the tag along
I am a new follower!

Have a nice weekend!

Amanda from Novel Addiction said...

Hello everyone! Can't wait to go visiting. =)

Have a great weekend!

LindsayWrites said...

hopping by! new follower!! Hope you check out my blog as well! =]

i love pretty little liars!

I Eat Words said...

Bones is so good! Thanks for stopping by :D

Tribute Books Mama said...

here's mine

Howard Sherman said...

I spent some time meandering over this on my blog but came up with one not-so-clear winner – Human Target.

There were two very close runner-ups. Follow me back to my blog and find out which TV shows came close – and why. I promise you won’t be bored!

Thank God it’s Follow Friday!

Howard A. Sherman

Sakura Sandra said...

Hi there! I just followed your blog and I would love it if you followed mine as well! I just made it, so all new followers are truly appreciated! Thanks. (^_^)