Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another contest for you all to check out!

Two blogs in two days, that seems to be a record for me, at least so far! I just had to post about a new contest I've found. Everyone needs to head over to BOOKJUNKIE to take part in an amazing contest. A chance to win a 50 dollar gift card, as well as two secret new releases, or a stash of books and goodies. I wouldn't know which to choose! Go HERE to enter.

And another thing, July 28th brings the release of Jeaniene Frost's new novel "Destined for an Early Grave." This will be book four in her Night Huntress series, and I already have my copy pre-ordered! From book one (which I read when there were already two released, and the third was on the way), I was in love with this series, and it's now in my top ten list of series.

I really suggest everyone check out Jeaniene Frost's new release "Destined for an Early Grave," and of course, head over to Book Junkie for the contest! Happy reading! Though.. I think I'm going to head back to the couch for a few more episodes of Stargate SG-1. Still working my way through the series!

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