Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review of "Passion Unleashed" by Larissa Ione

I received this book as part of a reviewing program, so I wasn't originally aware it was part of a series. But I promised a review, so I read it anyways. Only a few pages into the book, I felt sorry for not reading the previous novels first. However, I stuck with it, and I'm glad I continued reading.
"Passion Unleashed" follows Wraith, a Seminus demon (which is a type of Incubus), and Serena, a charmed human. Wraith, while on a hunt, is shot by an assassin, and is poisoned by the dart he was shot with. He and his brothers, the subjects of the previous novels I believe, try to find a cure or solution, and end up deciding that Wraith must take the virginity of a charmed human (Serena) and take on her charm to heal himself. The novel follows Wraith and Serena while he seduces her, and tries to survive the poison, oh.. and the oncoming apocalypse that he and Serena must play a part in.
This book has it's good points and bad. I think the story is intriguing and fast past enough that you never have a moment to get bored. Once I got to a certain point, I just couldn't put it down. And I think if I had read the previous novels, I wouldn't have been able to set it down from page one. And the author, Larissa Ione, includes a glossary of terms used within the story in the beginning of the book, as well as an encyclopedia of supernatural creatures and a brief history of the Underworld General hospital Wraith works for, in the back. As for any cons, as I mentioned, it was a little confusing to those of us who didn't read the previous books, but I think the book does a good job to explain such an extensive world in the small space she has. The characters are lovable, and have depth to them, which is something that is missing with some popular novels of today.
I'm a big fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K. Hamilton, Katie MacAlister, etc, and I really enjoyed this, so I will definitely be suggesting it to anyone with similar tastes. Or maybe just anyone in general. I'd have to give "Passion Unleashed" by Larissa Ione four out of five stars, definitely a keeper.
I'm on vacation now, so hence why it's taken me so long to finish this book, but look for upcoming reviews on "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" as well as "Skin Trade"!

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