Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Review of 'How to catch and keep a vampire" by Diana Laurence!

Ah! Finally, you say - a review! Yes, I know. It's been forever, but... well, I just don't want to get into it. On with the good part!

From the back of the book:
" Who needs a book on dating a vampire? Well, Bella Swan and Sookie Stackhouse to name just two... Bella and Sookie are fortunate to have vampire boyfriends. But what the heroines of Twilight and True Blood don't have - and could use - is some advice on getting along with them. Everything they and every other red-blooded American girl (and guy) wants to know about finding a dreamy blood- drinker and keeping him is within How to Catch and Keep a Vampire: A Step-by-Step Guide to Loving the Bad and the Beautiful"

My thoughts: Well, I definitely enjoyed this book, and found myself smiling while reading it. And it's not just FAQs and answers, oh no.. there are case studies! As well as Diana Laurence's own person experiences with some vampires. And! I shall share with you the secret of the red ribbon... if you wear a red, satin ribbon on your right wrist, it's a sign for vampires, so they know you know they exist, and you're more likely to attract a good (or bad!) vampire. But if you wear the ribbon on the left wrist.. you're likely to attract an evil vampire. One that would rather kill you than keep you as their sex goddess, I mean.. lover. There are some things, especially near the end, that I didn't exactly agree with, in regards to turning, keeping your mortal boyfriend even though you're also dating a vampire, etc. But it was still a fun read. I especially liked the section about taming a vampire - why, you ask? To put it simply, she explains you can't tame a vampire! Sure, all us vampire addicts knew that, but it's always amusing to hear stories/case studies of people trying!

Are you running out to get a red satin ribbon yet? I was! I'm surprised I haven't seen more promotion for this book. I thought it was an interesting idea, and great for any vampire-lover. And I'd love to see people wearing red satin ribbons become a trend.

I'm going to give this book a FOUR out of FIVE. I enjoyed it, I'm recommending it to some people, it's interesting and well written. Yep, definitely a four. That's it for now, check back soon (I hope! Darn you real life!) for another review.

Happy reading!
~Morning Glow

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Book recieved free of charge via a promotion on a blog, no review required - I am reviewing it of my own free will.

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