Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Readers/Followers.. your opinions please!

My dear friends, the new year is quickly approaching, and with it, I would like to make this blog something more.. accessible, I think. By the middle of next month, I will have graduated with my Bachelors (oh my gosh, I'm not ready!), and with that big change, I want to bring a change here. So far, it's just been me doing reviews, and occasional updates on what's coming out that I'm interested in, what my favorite authors are doing, etc. Buuut....

Here's the part where I need your help! What should I start including? Should I start taking part in memes, would you like to see themed daily posts, should I include more of myself in the posts.. or maybe would you like to see more information about the books within the reviews? Of course, I will only take part in things I feel comfortable with, if I feel like it's something I'll feel "blah" about doing... I won't do it. I want to have fun as a blogger, as much as I want you all to enjoy reading it. And neither of us will have fun if I'm all "yeah, and then there's this stuff... and blah..."

I do plan to do some giveaways (nothing huge, I'm not exactly rolling in money right now), but something to just show my readers I appreciate them, and I'm thankful that they participate on my blog. I also plan to get reviews out quicker, I'm sooo backed up! But as we all know, school comes first. Though I'm actually furthering my procrastination by writing this.. I have a rather big research paper due Tuesday, and it's taking up all my time.

Please, comment and let me know what you think would be nice to see, or what memes or themes you enjoy participating in, or just comment about how the weather is, if the urge strikes you!

Happy Reading!
~!~ Morning Glow


Chris said...

I'm not sure that doing more memes is necessarily a good thing! :) I think at most two a year amuse me enough to do. Of course, that said, I see that my m/m meme post has quickly become the third most popular page on my blog (right after my two "big" knitting patterns).

What feels right to you? What sort of blogs do you enjoy most? Can you balance those two here?

ParaJunkee said...

Contest are fun to do, and gain more followers. They really aren't that expensive either if you use a paperback. Get involved on Bookblogs.ning and you can sign up with a publisher that will send the book out for you. Then there is no charge for you at all. I was just thinking of having a contest where I just purchased the book from the Book Depository - no shipping - and relatively low cost books. Always a good financially sound idea.

These are just suggestions though. I'm not a big fan of those daily memes. Some are good, but others are just filler. - Parajunkee

Donna [Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings] said...

I think you should just do what you feel comfortable with, just make sure it's something that won't start feeling like it's a choir. I'm not that big on memes but every now and again one looks like fun as a one time shot. I agree with Parajunkee on the daily memes - they are just filler pages.

Morning Glow from Novel Addiction said...

Thank you for your input!! Yeah, I definitely want to get in some contests, and I didn't know bookblogs.ning had that.. I'll have to check it out!!!

Thank you again!