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Review of "The Awakening" by Jamieson Wolf

What's this? Another review so soon! Who knew not having homework would mean a lot of free time to read. But now, we have "The Awakening" by Jamieson Wolf to review, an ebook I received (in exchance for review) from (I love that site!)

From his site here :
Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt, is just twenty years old and in love with Marc Anthony. After the death of Julius Caesar, she is thrilled to find love in the arms of another.
Her bliss is shattered when she is contacted by The Goddess Isis. Isis needs Cleopatra's help. Osiris has gone missing and Isis is unable to find him. She needs Cleopatra to locate him before he is killed.
But all is not as it seems. Cleopatra is being hunted by Anubis, God of the Underworld. Cleopatra will have to trust in herself, and the magic inside of her, if she is to survive....

I have to be honest, it took me a few moments to work out the position of the bodies on the cover.. and even now, I'm not sure the girl's head is on right.. But enough about that. As we all may know, I love mythology. I also love History. So of course I was interested in this book. It is a little short though, my ebook reader listed it as 38 pages.. and the book itself listed it as even shorter, since my reader is set to make the text a little bigger and space things out some. But uh.. not important! I think I've mentioned in the past that I'm not a fan of short stories, which is what this was, basically, because there's not enough space for development, whether it be plot, characters, or world building. But I think "The Awakening" did alright with the limited space available. Cleopatra was interesting, Marc Antony only annoyed me for like two seconds and I liked him otherwise.. but I'm not sure I liked the whole bit about Cleopatra's parents, which I don't want to give away because that is what leads to her awakening and that is the major revelation of the book. I did like the Gods interaction with each other, as well as Cleopatra, though. The mythology seemed about right, though the issue with Osiris was supposed to have happened way before Cleopatra, but.. I'll deal.

Just some nitpicky things - I'm all for a guy saying they need a woman, in bed or out of it, but there was a sex scene where for most of it, Marc Antony was telling Cleopatra how much he needed her, wanted her body, how she completed her, etc. As I said, I'm not bothered by that.. but in small doses. This was no small dose! And lastly, I do not like the idea of Cleopatra's nicname being Cleo. It just sounds too... television fake psychic-y. I mean, even if it's her lover speaking to her, she's still a Queen of Egypt, wouldn't you want to call her by her full name?

From the looks of Jamieson Wolf's website, this looks to be book one in a series, so I might be tempted to check out the others when they're released, to see how the story continues, more about world-building, etc. As for a rating, I'll give it a THREE POINT FIVE out of FIVE. It was an interesting and quick read, but I didn't feel as passionate about it as I could have been.. as I would have liked to be.

Check out Jamieson Wolf's website for buying information, other books (there's tons!), and author information.
Happy Reading!
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