Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review of "The Renegade Hunter" by Lynsay Sands

Ahhh Lynsay Sands, you never let me down! I love everything I've read by her, which is limited to a few historicals and the Argeneau series, which I own all of them. She's one of my go-to authors for a good time, and I've not been disappointed so far.

Disclaimer: This book was purchased by me, the reviewer, for my own personal use. I was not given this book, nor any other compensation, in exchange for a review.

From the back of the book: " Nicholas Argeneau was once a successful hunter who went after rogue vampires who broke the immortal law. Except no one has mentioned his name in the last fifty years, not since he turned into a rogue himself. But once a hunter, always a hunter. When Nicholas sees a bloodthirsty sucker terrifying a woman, it's second nature for him to come to her rescue. He had no idea he would also want to kiss her senseless...
One minute Josephine Willan is taking in a breath of fresh air, and the next sharp fangs are heading straight for her neck! Luckily, a gorgeous stranger saves her life... and gets locked up for his troubles. Can a man who kisses so lovingly and passionately really have committed the crime he's accused of? Jo isn't so sure... and she's determined to prove that this renegade hunter is worth fighting for. "

As I said, I'm a huge Lynsay Sands fan, in fact, she's written one of my all time favorite vampire romances. And she writes some seriously delish heroes, wink wink. Nicholas Argeneau is no exception, and after his brief mention in an earlier book, I was hoping he'd get his own chance in the spotlight. Why? Well, here's a little confession... I'm a sucker for a wrongly accused hero. Or heroes that have done something bad in the past, and now they spend their lives doing good to make up for past wrongs. And that's exactly what this Argeneau is doing - atoning for past sins. Even when the rest of his family turned their back on him, and knowing if caught - he'd be tried and probably put to death, he still is out hunting rogues and being the good guy.

And as always with Lynsay Sands' books, the characters were excellent. Very relatable, always consistant, and practically addicting. I didn't want the book to end! On the plus side, I know that as long as the series continues, I'll get to see all these characters again and again, since the Argeneau clan seems to enjoy big gatherings. It's always a treat when all the characters I've loved from past books in the series get together. The interaction between them is classic. And speaking of classic, I won't go into too much detail - but Jo certainly has some... spunk. Lucian is the head enforcer of the family, top dog so to speak, and it was quite fun watching Jo chew him out. The names she called him! "Mr. Sourpuss Pants"!!! I was snickering up a storm, which earned me some seriously weird looks for anyone nearby. Lucian is one of my favorite Argeneaus, and to hear him being taken down a peg, it was perfect. But as I said, it's always enjoyable when the whole gang gets together - I was smiling through the whole scene.

This book was a bit of a whirlwind - taking place in a very short amount of time. I mean, the bulk of the book took place in a few days, maybe four at the most. And then from one page to the next, at the end of the book, two weeks had gone by. The book is far from short, 357 pages, but since all the action took place in such a short time, it made the book go by far too fast, in my opinion. The pacing was good, I didn't feel rushed or the like while reading it, I just wished I had more time with Jo and Nicholas. And speaking of that ending - GAH, talk about a cliffhanger. I mean, there's an ending, and some freedom, but there's a HUGE question left there. I actually kept flipping through the pages to see if I was missing more of the book - but alas, no such luck. But after a little research tonight, I came accross the reason. That huge question, and therefore that huge cliffhanger, will be tied up in the next book, and it seems as though if everything had been tied up in this book, it would have given away far too much of the plot for the next one.

So on to the rating - another FIVE out of FIVE book for me! I'm on a good streak, here's hoping I can keep it up! I really do love this book, and I wish I could keep Nicholas all for myself. Or maybe - I think the Argeneaus should just adopt me! Yeees, yes, I see that plan working out perfectly! What? Oh shush, I can live in my little dream world!

Happy reading! And I hope you all get to check out "The Renegade Hunter" by Lynsay Sands. Or really, ANY of her Argeneau books!
~!~ Morning Glow


Dot S. said...

Hi Morning glow, I clicked over here from Vampire Wire after Marta mentioned your blog. I've been reading some of your reviews. I too, am a huge Argeneau fan. My fave book and introduction to the series, was SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE, Lucern's story. The entire series is on my keeper shelf. I think I like Bastien the best of all the family. Yup, I could live in that world. lol

Morning Glow from Novel Addiction said...

I managed to find "Love Bites!" at my library eons ago... but Lucien's story is definitely my favorite. Oh man, I loved seeing him shirtless in an apron, cleaning up the mess left by the dog. And thank you for stopping by! I hope you stick around!