Thursday, May 27, 2010

Review - "Infinity" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I was so happy to find a copy of this on the day it was released. Darn my local bookstores, they almost never get anything in on the release date. But guess who did? That's right, Kroger! My local GROCERY store came through for me in the book department - and for 25% off! Well, okay, maybe I'm a little over excited, but still!

Disclaimer: I, the book reviewer, purchased this book on my own. I was not given the book, nor anything else, in exchange for a review.

Type: YA Fiction, urban fantasy, series

From the back of the book: " At fourteen, Nick Gautier thinks he knows everything about the world around him. Streetwise, tough, and savvy, Nick and his quick sarcasm are the stuff of legend... until the night when his best friends try to kill him. Saved by a mysterious warrior who has more fighting skills than Chuck Norris, Nick is sucked into the realm of the Dark-Hunters: immortal vampire slayers who risk everything to save humanity.
Nick quickly learns that the human world is only a veil covering a much larger and more dangerous one: a world where the captain of the football team is a werewolf and the girl he has a crush on goes out at night to stake the undead. But before Nick can even learn the rules of this new world, his fellow students are turning into flesh-eating zombies. And he's next on the menu.
As if starting high school isn't hard enough... now Nick has to hide his new friends from his mom, his chain saw from the principal, and keep the zombies and the demon Simi from eating his brains, all without getting grounded or suspended. How in the world is he supposed to do that? "

Well, Sherrilyn Kenyon has done contemporary romance, historical romance, character name source books, writers guide to the middle ages, and of course, paranormal romance. But that wasn't enough, oh no! Now she has decided to try her hand at Young Adult. And this is another well done attempt, at least in my opinion.

First off, those of us familiar with the Dark-Hunter series know Nick as an older man. Or, at least we know him in his late teens and early twenties. But as mentioned on the cover, he is fourteen in "Infinity." And I think Kenyon pulled it off very well. Nick feels fourteen - he's worried about graduating, he's worried about schoolwork.. or at least he is when zombies aren't attacking him. And most of all, he's checking out nearly every girl that comes by. I chuckled every time he made sure to get an eyeful of a newly arrived girl.

And of course, we get to see all of our old favorite characters - Kyrian, Acheron, Simi, Tabitha, etc. And seeing Nick interact with them, and starting to shape the relationship he will have with them at the beginning of the Dark-Hunter series is wonderful. And I'm sure some of you are going "Simi?! But that's not right!" Well.. I don't want to spoil anything, but trust me, things are a-changing. It's a very interesting plot dynamic.

Also, a bit of a random note here, but I found out that I've actually been saying Nick's last name wrong all this time! However many books into the series, and it takes a whole 'nother series (sort of) to make me really learn his name. Well dang! And once I learned, I felt a little silly. Of course that's how it's supposed to be said..

Now, the only downside to this book.. is that if the reader is not familiar with the Dark-Hunter world, I can definitely see how it can get confusing. There are plenty of characters to learn, and even more confusing new terms that are mentioned, but aren't really explained much. However, at the same time, it doesn't have to be a bad thing. If the reader is unfamiliar with the DH world, they're learning everything along with Nick, and figuring things out as he does.

Well, for the rating, hmm.. I would give "Infinity" by Sherrilyn Kenyon a FIVE out of FIVE. I did really enjoy it, I mean, I sat down and read it all in one sitting. It was great seeing some beloved characters again, and I can't wait to see whats thrown Nick's way next. So please, give "Infinity" by Sherrilyn Kenyon a try!

Happy Reading!
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Mery said...

Thanks for your review. I am going to start this book right now! I am glad to know you liked it.

Anonymous said...

what is the theme of this boook.. ?D:

Anonymous said...

I have also read this book with no previous knowledge of the Dark Hunters series. It was confusing at times but it was way worth it