Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Slump? Overwhelmed? Apocalypse?

I assume one of the issues mentioned in the title is my problem.

Time seems to be moving too quick for me the past couple weeks, no specific reason I can tell, I'm just behind in everything. It's not like I'm suffering a lack of books to read and review (at the moment I have three sitting here, with more expected). It probably doesn't help that I'm trying to get back into writing, which means less time just sitting and reading like I used to.

Bah! Bah, I say! Even if it means creating a schedule for myself, I will get back on track, dangit!

Along those lines, coming up for review are...
"Selene of Alexandria" by Faith Justice
"Flirting With Forever" by Gwyn Cready
"Breath of Magic" by Tracy Madison

Or maybe I'm just in a total slump.. Also, totally possible.

In other news, Katie MacAlister's newest Dragon novel, "Love In The Time Of Dragons" (Baltic's Story) is out today!! I've been to TWO bookstores so far, trying to find it, and no luck. Going out again tomorrow to search it out, if no luck... Amazon, here I come! I can't wait to see the world from Baltic's point of view.. he seems such a bad guy in the rest of the series. But then, he seemed to be the type you love to hate, maybe I'll start loving to love him. Or something.

Happy Reading!
~!~ Morning Glow

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