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Review of "A Breath of Magic" by Tracy Madison

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Disclaimer: "A Breath of Magic" was sent to me by the publisher, Dorchester Publishing, in exchange for a review. I have not received any incentives, or anything else, for a positive review.

Type: Romance, Magic, Paranormal Romance, Leisure, Series

From the back of the book: " Chloe Nichols is holding her breath. All her life, finding true happiness with a family has seemed as easy as.. well, snagging a bubble off the wind - a bubble that her current boyfriend seems dead set on bursting. Yes, every time Chloe mentions her one true desire, Kyle shoots down her hopes. But he hasn't reckoned with the awesome power of Gypsy magic, or with loyal kith and kin. One way or another, Chloe's going to get her happily-ever-after. One could sometimes be found after you'd convinced a man he loves you, right? All Fate needs is a little puff in the right direction... "

I seriously tossed around the idea of not finishing this book, and declaring it a DNF - Did not finish. I have way better books to spend my time on that something I'm not interested in. But I had some time to kill, and unfortunately this was the only book in my purse at the time. So I did end up reading it all, but I'm really not pleased with it. I know this book is the third in a series, and my issues are with this specific character, so maybe the previous books are fine, I'm not sure. Maybe someday I'll check them out.

My issues are with Chloe. I really didn't like her, and even more than that, I didn't trust her. First off, we meet her when she's asking her friend to use her magic to rid her boyfriend, Kyle, of his fears of commitment, because she wants them to get married. So, and her friend explains this to her, she's willing to practically trick the guy she loves into marrying her. She knows it should be his decision whether or not to proceed, but instead, she decided to give him a magical kick in the right direction. And this isn't the only instance. Several times throughout the book, Chloe uses her magic to get what she wants - use her will (with her magic behind it) to get another guy to agree to a date, to tell her things, to get her best friend and relative to tell her something she wanted to keep to herself.

Not only that, but each and every person she bespells forgives her, and in my opinion, a little too quickly. Kyle, while the only guy mentioned on the back cover, is not the only guy in the book. Ben is the main male character, and he goes out with her originally because she wills him too. And this continues throughout their budding relationship. I believe if I had found out that I went out with someone because of magic, and not my own free will, I would be pretty dang upset, and not sure if I could trust that person ever again, even if I were that close to them.

Yes, things get wrapped up in the end, and Chloe does grow as a character, but I really couldn't get over her actions in the beginning. As said in Spiderman - "With great power comes great responsibility." Yes, Chloe is new at the whole using magic thing, but that did not give her free rein to go do whatever she wants with her quite powerful magic.

Parts of this book just didn't feel real to me, including the ending. And for that, I'm giving "A Breath of Magic" a TWO out of FIVE (2/5). I really didn't care for it, I'm not going to re-read it, and I'm probably not going to be checking out the rest of the series.

Happy Reading, and stay tuned for more reviews, and possibly even a give-away!
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