Monday, July 26, 2010

The Great book and TV war...

I love reading. I do! I mean, I decided to take up reviewing, for hecks sake, of course I love reading. But there is another love in my like.. television. And I do watch a few shows on TV (Bones, Castle, Leverage).. I mostly prefer to see everything on DVD. And now, working at a library, I can do that! At my work, we lend DVDs out for two weeks, and have many, many TV shows to choose from.

Currently, I'm watching Monarch of the Glen. A BBC show, it ran for several years (I believe there are 7 seasons), and guess what - work has them all! So I put myself on the request list for seasons 1 - 3. Of course they came in out of order.. 3, 1, 2.. then as I started watching some, I put more on hold. Now 5 has come in before 4. But here's my dilemma. Since three came in first, it is due this week. So the part of me that hates to keep things overdue wants to spend all my free time watching this show, so I can return them. But the other part of me, the one that knows that as a library employee.. I don't get fines for overdue items... says might as well keep them overdue, and spend some of that free time reading!

But to make it even worse! Guess what else is due this week! "Tempted" by PC and Kristin Cast.. book six in the House of Night series. And I'm still on book five. So now, maybe, you understand the title of this post. My love of reading and my love of TV (as well as the pressure of due dates) is at war.. which do I do first? Do I watch the shows first, do I read first? Do I split my time? I just need a few more hours in the day, please!

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Read it or See it said...

That is a constant dilemma in my life too! I was working on watching the DVDs in the Tudors series (must see if you haven't already), and I was trying to read Youth In Revolt so I could finally allow my fiancé to rent it (I hate seeing the movie before reading the book). Tudors won that battle.