Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review of "Plain Promise" by Beth Wiseman

Plain Promise (Daughters of the Promise, No. 3) This is actually my first time reading an Amish romance. I've seen these become very popular in the past few months, and I decided to join in.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me, the reviewer, in exchange for a review. No money was given as incentive for a positive review.

Type: Romance, Amish, Christian, Family

About the book: "Plain Promise" follows the story of Sadie Fisher, a widowed Amish women living in Lancaster County, and Kade Saunders, an "Englischer" renting a cabin on her property. Kade's life is changing, his new relationship with his son Tyler, and his growing friendship with Sadie, are showing him a different type of life. One that is looking better and better as he gets closer to them both.

As I mentioned, this is my first time reading an Amish Romance, and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. While religion is a key factor in these books, the sweet story of Kade and Sadie's growing relationship is heartwarming enough to make up for it.

Sadie's doubts about her life and her future made her seem human and relatable. I enjoyed seeing her interactions with Kade and his son. And it was especially interesting to read about the Amish lifestyle. While I do not know too much about the Amish, other than the basics, I feel like "Plain Promise" does much to explain the hows and whys of the Order.

This book doesn't skip on the use of Pennsylvania Dutch, either. Thankfully, there is a dictionary in the beginning of the novel, to explain what the words used mean. Though much of it is so close to English, the reader could hazzard a guess. I did love the mix of English and Pennsylvania Dutch, it added to the realness of the novel.

While I did enjoy this book, and it was a good quick read, I can't say it inspired much emotion, or much of anything in me. The one thing that stood out the most, was that I was proud of Kade for his decision in the end. He wanted to change his life, and he worked hard to make sure it was the right decision for himself and for Tyler, not just because he wanted to share in Sadie's life.

I'm going to give "Plain Promise" a review of THREE out of FIVE. As I said, it was a good read, and I'm sure many would be inspired by it, but it didn't connect with me. That said, I do hope to maybe try another Amish romance in the future. Best not to judge a whole genre (or sub-genre) on one book!

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