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Review of "Unleashed" by Katie MacAlister

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 "Unleashed" is Katie MacAlister's novella in the recently released anthology "Cupid Cats." Stories by Vicki Lewis Thompson and Connie Brockway are also included. I may be going crazy, but I swear I saw that the proceeds for this anthology go to help animal shelters local to each author. I thought I saw Katie MacAlister mention that on her blog or facebook, but I can't find it. If I find any new information on that, I'll try to edit this post to include it.

Disclaimer: This book, "Cupid Cats," was given to me as a gift. I was not given this book in exchange for a review.

Type: Anthology, Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Weres, Scottish men (Yum!)

"Unleashed" is the story of Avery Scott, a Moravian Dark One (Vampire!), and Jacintha Ferreira, resident "kitty whisperer." Jacintha, or Jas, has been called out on a report that a rather large wild cat has been found in a local cat rescue, and finds not just a jaguar, but a very confused Moravian. Turns out, Avery managed to get himself turned into a jaguar on a recent case, and it's up to Jas to help him solve it. And a quick case turns into a possibly deadly mission.

Fans of Katie MacAlister's Dark Ones series may recognize Avery as one of Paen Scott's brothers, a character from earlier on in the books. Paen and his Beloved return to aide Jas and Avery, whether they want it or not. I love series for this reason. Paen and Sam, his Beloved, got their Happily Ever After in a previous book, but they do show up in later ones. Usually after a HEA, that's it, we just have to imagine what happens after that, but with a recurring series.. we at least get a little taste of their new life from time to time.

Katie MacAlister didn't disappoint with her novella, "Unleashed." She packs a lot of action in a short about of space, and still maintains her quirky humor, one of the reasons I love her. After having read so many (er.. all) of her books, I see a lot of recurring themes and actions. The rather yummy sounding fantasy involving a paintbrush and a bowl of melted chocolate pop up in this story, for just a second.

And the "Twilight" references had me snickering the whole time.

I'm going to give "Unleashed," Katie MacAlister's story in the Cupid Cats anthology, a FIVE out of FIVE. It was a quick, fun read, and now I can't wait until her next release. Speaking of that...
Katie MacAlister's upcoming releases:
"Death's Excellent Vacation" - Anthology - August 3, 2010
"In the Company of Vampires" - Dark Ones novel - November 2, 2010

ItCoV is my most looked-forward-to release OF THE YEAR. I've been waiting for the continuation of Ben and Fran's story for a long, looong time.

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Chris said...

Sounds like a cute story!

Morning Glow from Novel Addiction said...

It was! But I always enjoy her stories.

Jess Tedrick said...

I really need to start reading her books. I'm putting it on my to do list!

Morning Glow from Novel Addiction said...

Yes you do! But here's the tough decision.. where do you start? Her contemporaries? Her mystery series? Her dragon series? Her Dark One series?! Maybe her teen Goth Faire series?!?! And let's not forget her historicals, of course.