Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heroes I can't live without: Part 1

So I've already talked about what series I have to re-read every couple years, now I'm going to tell you all about what Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, etc, heroes that I can't live without.

Number One: Davy Dempsey from Jennifer Crusie's "Faking It."
  I fell in love with Davy in "Welcome to Temptation," which features him as the brother of the main heroine. And I can't tell you how happy I am that Davy got his own story. If I were being honest.. I'd say I love him so much because he's a bit (a lot) of a con man. But he's good, mostly. And maybe, for Tilda, he's ready to give it up. I love Davy.. he should teach me how to pull off a good con, and he's pretty dang resourceful..

Number Two: Valerius from Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Seize the Night."
   He's a bada$$ immortal vampire hunter... and a secret pop culture junky. How could I resist? Because of who Valerius is, and his past, the rest of the Dark-Hunters won't even acknowledge his presence at best, but would eagerly kill him on sight at worst. So Valerius learned to tune it out, or lash out before they get the chance to do anything. But with Tabby, he found someone that could appreciate him for who he is, not his and his family's past. So I can't help but love the tortured hero. It's a (delicious) flaw of mine. So already I loved Val.. but throw in his vast movie collection and his joy of tossing out movie quotes, and I'll melt into a puddle of happy goo.

Number Three: Sin from Kinley MacGregor's "Born in Sin."
   Yes, I'm aware Kinley MacGregor and Sherrilyn Kenyon are the same person. And here we have another tortured hero - Sin has been treated badly since birth, and hated by so many. So of course I was like "I'll love you, Sin!!" Maybe you all haven't noticed, but I adore comedy.. I deal with difficult situations (or any situation really) by laughing and cracking jokes. And while I love me some broody guys, I also need someone that can crack jokes. And Sin does that perfectly. He broods with the best, and his humor is so unexpected, you can't help but laugh.

So that's Heroes I can't live without: Part 1. Yes, there are plenty more, no worries. In fact, I wish I could have a nice harem of heroes.. it'll be the next big thing in romance! A Harem O'Heroes! Stay tuned for the next installment, as well as upcoming reviews.


Susanna Carr said...

I think I will need to read FAKING IT. I have a soft spot for the 'con man' hero!

Morning Glow from Novel Addiction said...

Thank you for commenting! And definitely do read "Faking It." After writing this post, I've been itching to re-read it myself.