Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My "Must re-read every couple months/years" - Series edition

Today, I shall tell you the series that are so important to me, and I love so much, that I have to re-read every couple months, or in some cases... every couple years.

Let's start at the beginning (or.. the one I read first).. The Chronicles of Narnia. The whole reason I started reading this series, was because I found a tape of the old BBC versions of "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe," "Prince Caspian," "The Dawn Treader," and "The Silver Chair." Watching them now, I recognize them as uh.. so-so movies. But when I was little? They were the BEST THINGS EVAR! I actually own them on DVD now, of course. But from those movies, I found the books. And as I said, they're now some of my favorites. And, in my opinion, the best of them all? "The Last Battle."

I even love the new movies. Prince Caspian makes me sniffle sometimes, even. Oooh, epic battle scenes, I love you!

Next up? Lord of the Rings of course!! I remember when I was about thirteenish, my Mom told me I HAD to read The Hobbit. It actually took me forever to get into.. but once I did, I raced through the rest of the series. I love them all (well.. maybe the Two Towers a little less), but maybe Fellowship and Return a little more than the rest. And Return had a bunch of Appendices in the back. The nerd in me had a fun time reading them all. And while I had plenty of gumbles with the movie versions of this wonderful series... I have to say, they did a pretty good job, considering how tough Lord of the Rings can be.

Of course "Harry Potter" is on the list! I've read all but the last one many times... but that final book. Dang, I can't do it. I can't believe it's over, so I apparently think that as long as I don't re-read the last book when I go back through the series, it will never end. I would love to see a book or two featuring the Marauders when they were in school. I'm sure some of you have noticed my love of side characters... so of course I had to focus on characters that were either dead before the series even started, and aren't mentioned too much, or... Well, you know.

So what is that next one? The Fallen series by Thomas E Sniegoski. Man do I love these books. And I consider them one of my life changing/view changing series. I remember getting these books out of the library so often, I'm sure the librarians were sick of putting them away. And finally, I got the series for Christmas, and I nearly cried I was so happy. There are four books, featuring fallen angels and their nephilim children. I actually haven't re-read this series in a while. Obviously I need to get on that! And Fallen is definitely what started my fallen angel obsession. I think they made these books into a miniseries... if so, I've never watched it. Maybe someday. I do know that the books were reissued.. with the first two books packaged together, and the final two done the same. I do love the new covers.. so much so I might have to buy them. Darn my fallen angel obsession!

Well, there you have it, folks. My Must Be Re-Read books - Series edition. Hopefully some time soon I will feature my Must Be Re-Read books, stand alone or singular edition. Singular meaning it's sort of part of a series, but it stands out more than the rest, at least to me.   But how about you guys? Do you have any such series?

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