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Review of "Getting Lucky" by Carolyn Brown

Getting Lucky Look at this! A new review! Bout time, huh? Nothin' like some delicious cowboys.

Disclaimer: This book has been borrowed from my local library. I did not receive this book, nor any monetary incentive, in exchange for a postive review.

Type: Series, Cowboys, Romance, Sexy, Stubborn men

From the back of the book: "    After being the center of nasty gossip in her last hometown, all Julie Donovan wants in Saint Jo, Texas, is a quiet uneventful life for her and her daughter Annie. But when a sexy cowboy walks into her classroom with a daughter who looks like Annie's twin, suddenly the whole town is looking for explanations...  Devoted single dad Griffin Luckadeau will do anything to protect his own, and no sassy redhead is going to get in his way. When he thinks Julie is scheming to steal his ranch out from under him to benefit her own daughter, sparks really begin to fly... Julie and Griffin can't seem to cross paths without a scuffle. But when the dust settles, these two Texas hotheads may realize they've actually found something worth fighting for...  "

I'm a little torn about this book. There were definitely parts I liked, but once more and more characters, especially the Luckadeau family, were introduced, I was pretty darn confused. I realized a little later on that this book is part of a recurring series featuring the Luckadeau family. And maybe if I had read the rest of them before this, the supporting character names and back stories might not have all run together. Griffin even told Julie the story of his relatives and how they got their Happily Ever After, but all the names started to mush together into one big ball of confusion.

I also found a lot of the same phrases being used over and over, and not just by the same people. I think that helped make me confused. That since people were acting similar and saying the same things, I would often mistake one character for another. Or just get annoyed with something they said several times. For the life of me, I can't remember what the one phrase was that bothered me the first time I heard it, let alone the next couple. Does anyone else have that problem? A character says something and it just pulls you out of the story.. and then they keep doing it?

As I said, I'm a little conflicted on this book. Yes, obviously it had some not-so-great moments, but "Getting Lucky" also had some wonderful moments. Both Julie and Griffin were obviously very loving and devoted parents... and I love their chemistry together, as well as with their children. Both main characters felt real, and multi-faceted. And there were definitely some steamy scenes between the two... both of the loving and argumentitive kind. I loved when they quarrelled in the beginning almost as much as I loved when they kissed and.. well, you know, all the rest of that fun stuff. *Wink*

Despite my mixed feelings on "Getting Lucky" by Carolyn Brown, I am eager to check out more from her. I really would like to read "I Love This Bar" and maybe some day I'll go back and read the earlier books in the Luckadeau series. That said, I'm giving "Getting Lucky" a THREE POINT FIVE out of FIVE (3.5/5). It was good, just mixed feelings and all that.

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