Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review of "Night's Darkest Embrace" by Jeaniene Frost (Anth)

Haunted by Your TouchThis story, "Night's Darkest Embrace," is the first story in an anthology by three awesome authors - Jeaniene Frost, Shayla Black, and Sharie Kohler. I plan to review each story while we wait for this awesome book to be released on October 26th!

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book from one of the authors via a contest on a blog she contributes to. And I'm an Amazon Affiliate which means if you purchase the book from one of my links I get an eensy percentage.

Type: Paranormal Romance, Anthology, Different Dimensions, Demons

About the book: Mara is a partial demon, which allows her to enter another dimension - Nocturna. She keeps returning in hopes of finding her cousin Gloria, or at the very least - kill the demon that kidnapped and killed her. At least that's part of the reason - Raphael is the other. Ever since he saved her that night years ago, she can't get him out of her mind. But despite being attracted to him, she knows he's not telling the truth, so it's up to Mara to figure it out for herself, and maybe find out of Rafe is one of the bad guys after all.

As for my thoughts, I can definitely see some parallels between Mara and Cat from Frost's Night Huntress series. Of course, I love love love that series, so it's not like that's a problem. Mara is driven and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal, even better if she can enjoy herself along the way. I would have liked to known if she had any more special powers, being a "partial," but I can see how time and space constraints might lend to leaving that sort of thing out, especially when they're aren't necessarily important to the plot. And Rafe... well.. woo! I'm not giving anything away (because if I said anything about what/who he is, it would be some major spoilers).. I'll just say he made me very happy, and I want him. In fact, he can drop Mara whenever he wants, I'll take him. Rafe seems like the kind of guy I want watching my back.. and massaging it, and kissing it.. I mean, what?

As for the plot, I really enjoyed it. The story took place mostly in other dimensions, and the description of each one, however brief, left me interested. And it gave me enough to imagine what that place was like. I'd love to see more of this world and these characters, but at the same time, this story was enough for me. Usually I dislike short stories or novellas because I think they're too short, and therefore lack all the character development or world building that I thrive on, but this story left me feeling sated in those departments. I just want more because I want more of Rafe. -Wink-

I'm going to give "Night's Darkest Embrace" by Jeaniene Frost, story one in the Haunted By Your Touch antholoy, a FOUR out of FIVE (4/5). I liked the story, I loved the characters, and I'd definitely recommend it to others.

Stay tuned as I read and review the other stories in the antholoy, "Mated" by Shayla Black, and "Darkest Tempation" by Sharie Kohler! And make sure to pick up your copy of "Haunted By Your Touch" on October 26th.

Happy Reading! 
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Lindsey said...

I must read now!

Amanda from Novel Addiction said...

It comes out soon, so be on the lookout. :) And I'll be reviewing/talking about the rest of the stories in the anthology soon, so stay tuned.

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