Friday, November 19, 2010

Why libraries are so important

This is a quick musings post, just to throw my "Thank you, Libraries!" feelings out there.

Yes, I work in a library, but I don't think that makes me biased.. too much. The position I am in now (Reference) is my third position in my library system, so I have the great advantage of working in several departments, and being able to see the library from different angles. I have to say, Reference is definitely my favorite. I love helping people research. I love helping people find new and awesome authors to love. And I certainly love finding new and awesome authors because the patrons are so excited about their new find they need to share it with someone.

Every week, my library sends out a newsletter (if you subscribe to it, anyways) that tells you what new materials are now in the system. Because of that newsletter, I have thirty some items on hold. THIRTY! But there are so many books that fellow bloggers mention as being the best, that I cannot help but put one of those in request if it's in the system. And then there's the statewide system my library is apart of. We don't have the book - you can get it from MORE - an Ohio library system where each library that is apart of it, lends materials to the others - if they can, that is. That opens a whole new set of opportunities for learning and good fiction.

And then, here's the part that a lot of people (even avid library goers) seem to forget. We have PROGRAMS! That's right. Libraries offer fun and fascinating programs for people of all ages. I've actually met several wonderful authors because the library system has brought them to chat - and I had an absolutely blast each time. All these programs are there to help you. And with the economy, pretty much every library system has had to cut back - but Libraries are still going, and still trying to bring you the great programs and materials that patrons want or need.

A few examples from my own library system - classes in Resume basics, classes in Microsoft Word, an English Conversation Group (for those who do not speak English as a first language), Basic Genealogy programs, even ebooks! Yes.. my library now lends ebooks. It's a great little tool I could spend hours searching, I just wish my ebook reader was compatible. Alas, no, so I read them on my computer. And there are fun programs too - for Halloween, the library brought an author who specializes in ghosthunting to talk about his experiences. Local poets have been asked to speak or read, and there are mini "cafe series" where local (and quiet) music is played by a small band in the background as people enjoy the library.

Ahem... so everyone... Go out and use your library!! Support your library system by browsing any "New Titles" feature, joining in some new programs, maybe even volunteer!

Happy Friday, folks! Have a great weekend, and as always - Happy Reading!
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