Friday, December 17, 2010

Contest over at HP Mallory's blog!

Happy Friday everyone! If you're here, you might as well go enter my contest for a prize pack - two books ("The Sky: The World" by Jessica McHugh, and "No Rest for the Wicca" by Toni LoTempio), and an giftcard! Head on over here to enter!

And now onto HP Mallory's contest. A couple months ago, HP held an awesome contest to become a character in her next Jolie Wilkin's book - well she's back at it, this time the lucky winner gets to be in her next Dulcie book!

The perks if you win:
~A written part in the next Dulcie book (integral to the plot, good character, kick-butt (not wimpy!))

~The ability to read the next Dulcie book before it's released to the public
~Added to the Acknowledgments page of the next Dulcie book
~Interviewed on my blog
~A signed (with dedication) paperback copy of the next Dulcie book
~A signed paperback copy of To Kill A Warlock

There are plenty of bonus entry possibilities (you can earn a grand total of 13 entries!), so make sure you run over and check it out! Rules are listed at the bottom of the contest post, be sure to read them before entering! I'll be adding up my entries and commenting as soon as I get home from work. ;)
Here's the link, good luck and Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, aka Morning Glow ~!~

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