Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'll Have What She's Having - Review of "When Harry Met Molly" by Kieran Kramer

When Harry Met Molly (Impossible Bachelors) Haha, see what I did with the title of this review? Yeah yeah, I'm so clever. =)

Disclaimer: This book is on loan from my local library. I was not given this book in exchange for a review.

Type: Historical Romance, Series, Romance, Clever women, Impossible Bachelors, Funny contests.

Why this book?: Well, after seeing the summary on the back of the book, how could I pass it up?

Cover Lovin': Not the best I've ever seen, surely. But I like it. Simple, and elegant.About the book: Harry and Molly have quite the past. The Christmas Incident was years ago, but it has affected both their lives to this day. When they meet again in a rather seedy pub, Harry's mistress takes off with Molly's fiance, leaving her without a ride, and him without some to help him compete in this year's Impossible Bachelor's Mistress games. Harry convinces Molly to be his pretend mistress for the next week, promising to help find her a more than suitable husband if she wins the festivities. Molly quickly learns that being a pretend mistress is not the easiest thing for a proper lady. This week is going to be a lot harder than both of them thought...

My Review: Occasionally you find a Historical, Romance or otherwise, that requires a fair amount of imagination. This might just be one of these books - it's hard to believe that these sort of circumstances would actually happen, and that there would be no huge blow-out scandal resulting from it. And surely, no eligable titled bachelor would be able to go a year without receiving some sort of marriage proposition - Prince Regent's orders or no. And the ending did have some sappy moments. There were some sappy, pour your heart out moments by characters you would expect to act otherwise. But, it all leads up to that beautiful Happy Ever After feeling that I so love in my romances.

I'm a big fan of the enemies-to-lovers scenario in romance, and this is a great example. Harry and Molly weren't really enemies. They shared a scandal some years ago, blamed each other, and spent any time they had seen each other after that playing pranks on one another. The banter between the two was amusing and felt spot-on. And the easy going friendship that begins to develop is heartwarming, and charming. Harry and Molly seem young and fresh, not afraid to tease each other and joke, even in some serious situations, and I loved watching them interact with each other as well as with all the equally fascinating and loveable side characters.

Recommendation: Definitely. Fans of Historical Romance, and just good characters in general will enjoy "When Harry Met Molly" by Kieran Kramer.

Final Rating: FOUR POINT FIVE out of FIVE (4.5/5)

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