Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whatcha Got Wednesday! #15

First off - go enter my contest to win one of FIVE copies of "Spiral X" by author JJ Westendarp!! Contest ends Thursday at 11:59pm - winners posted Friday morning!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Merry Wednesday? Joyous Wednesday, maybe? Well in any case, it's exciting because the work week is half over! Whatcha Got Wednesday is my little weekly meme thingie where I talk about what I got this week - and I dare you to share the same. So feel free to leave a comment talking about anything you got that you're excited about - or anything you're looking forward to getting!

Here's my stash for the week....

Received for review:
"My Superhero Sister" by Toni LoTempio (ebook, not pictured) - I've reviewed for this author before, and I really enjoy her writing style, so I can't wait to check out her foray into the YA world!

"A Kiss Before the Apocalypse" by Thomas E. Sniegoski - You all should know I LOVE LOVE LOVE this author! And keep an eye out for the fourth book in the Remy Chandler series - "A Hundred Words for Hate" coming this year! YAY!
"Graceling" by Krisin Cashore - Got this from the library some time ago, and loved it. A local bookstore was having a sale, so I jumped on this book. =)

Won/Received for Fun/Etc:
"Stealing Heaven" by Elizabeth Scott - I can't remember why I got this, but I'm really excited to read it.
"The Unwritten Rule" by Elizabeth Scott - Same as above, but this one I've been looking forward to reading since it released!
"The Christmas Bargain" by Sarita Leone - A member of my RRT critique group reviewed this one, and when I said it sounded really cute and I wanted the chance to read it - she offered me her ARC! Thank you!!

That's it for me this week - what about you guys? Share your book-y news in the comments!
Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~


Carissa said...

Nice Haul! I haven't read Graceling yet, but I've heard good things!

This Week's Waiting on Wednesday: Burn Bright

Amanda, aka Morning Glow said...

Oh, it's definitely good, make sure to pick it up sometime soon!