Monday, June 6, 2011

Reader and Author Get Together Wrap Up Post!

Well, Saturday night saw the end of the 7th Annual Reader and Author Get Together. And I'll admit, I am so sad to see it end! I had a wonderful time, and I participated a heck of a lot more than I did last year, and talked to tons of authors, I did my best to say hi to all the authors at the signing.

So much happened, I'm not sure I can mention it all in one post! So let's just talk about the books I got, because I am SO excited! First up, each year, The Reader and Author Get Together has raffle baskets donated by authors, reading groups, etc. Any money the Get Together receives from the sale of raffle tickets go to local good causes (And they raised over $8000 this year!). I bought over 20 dollars worth of tickets, mostly just to contribute to the cause, figuring I wouldn't win anything - BUT I DID! I won a basket donated by The Lexy Booktramps Bookclub, donated in memory of their founder.

In the Lexy Booktramps Bookclub Raffle Basket:
Tote Bag
Eye Candy (Merlot wine)
Girl's Night body cream
Cookie Cutters
"Eternal Rider" - Larissa Ione (Met her last year!)
"Demon's Prefer Blondes" - Sidney Ayers (I believe she was here!)
"Whisper Falls" - Toni Blake
"Explosive" - Beth Kery
"Three to Tango" anthology
"Behind Closed Doors" - Shannon McKenna
"The Princess in His Bed" - Lila DiPasqua (heard excellent things)
"Revenge Wears Rubies" - Renee Bernard
and a Gourmet Cookie Cookbook!

Also pictured: I won a pretty little bracelet in a heart shaped velvet box, from an author's mini raffle. She was so nice! She called me, and before I left after claiming my prize, she hugged me  and said she hoped I had a great time. =)

Next are the books I bought/was given during the signing or at the Barnes and Noble mini-store they had set up in the hotel. I am seriously super-de-duper excited about all of these books, yay!

Received (either given or got in my goody bag):
"Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh - excited to start this series, AND it's signed now!
"My One and Only" - Kristan Higgins - I've heard amazing things!
"Sinful Sensations" - anthology - snippets of recent releases, signed!
"The Maverick Prince" - Catherine Mann - signed!
"What A Goddess Wants" [ARC] - Stephanie Julian - signed, this looks sooo good.
"Having Hope" - Sherry Burkett - signed, I will be reviewing this, so look for it!

"Rafe's Redemption" - Jennifer Jakes - we sat at the table with this author, and she is SO nice. After chatting with her through dinner and more, I had to find her book. I can't wait to read it!
"Raeliksen" by Renee Vincent - I met this author last year, and wanted to read her book, but didn't manage to find it. Then I saw her again at B&N a couple months ago, and alas, they didn't have her book then either! I told her I would find her at the RAGT, and I kept my promise. She was soo sweet.
"Caribbean Scot" - Kimberly Killion - I saw this book on Kimberly's newsletter, and I said "I NEED that!" Thankfully I found her and her book, and she signed it for me.
"Unbridled" by Beth Williamson - COWBOYS! Also signed, says "Read a book, ride a cowboy" - yes ma'am!
"The Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess" - Leanna Renee Hieber - Of course I had to buy this! I love the Percy Parker books, and Leanna is a wonderful person. She grew up around here, and I've actually known her for years, but somehow managed to forget. But we sat down and chatted before dinner on Saturday, and it was a great time. I chose "The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Percy Parker" as my next book for the paranormal book club at work, and she gave me her contact information so she can answer any questions the patrons might have about her book.
"Angels and Demons" anthology - THAT COVER! My goodness. Had to buy it, you know I love Angels!
"Three to Tango" anthology - Yes, I know I have two of these.. I bought it, then won it.
"Demonfire" - Kate Douglas - I won a book by her recently, the third in the series.. so I figured I'd get the first one, too! Met her at the event!

Well, that's it for today. I also got a bunch of swag I'll show you tomorrow, as well as actually talk about what happened while there, lol.

Did you go to the Reader/ Author Get Together? Share your stories!

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~


Marie Rose Dufour said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time!

Amanda from Novel Addiction said...

I did! It was a great experience. I'll talk about what went on at the RAGT tomorrow, it was a busy weekend!


theJeepDiva said...

It was fun! Congrats on the raffle winnings! I was not at lucky as you. I am an animal lover so I am pleased that my donations went to where they are going. Sorry I missed meeting you.

theJeepDiva said...

It was fun! Congrats on the raffle winnings! I was not at lucky as you. I am an animal lover so I am pleased that my donations went to where they are going. Sorry I missed meeting you.

Amanda from Novel Addiction said...

Thanks! And I'm sorry I missed meeting you too - but the RAGT was a whirlwind, I don't know when we would have found the time, lol. I did look for you though, when I wasn't running from one thing to the next, maybe next time!

I hope you do a RAGT wrap-up post, I'd love to see your take on the weekend!

An Open Book said...

I was there too and what an experience the conference was. Met some great people and learned from observing.
Dawne P

Amanda from Novel Addiction said...

Hello Dawn! Well, if you decide to go next year, let me know and we'll try to meet up. I love being able to chat with authors while sitting down to lunch or dinner, it would be great to do the same with fellow bloggers!

Sidney Ayers said...

Yep! I indeed was. Hope you enjoy the book! Looks like you've got a nice stack of books there :)