Thursday, July 28, 2011

REVIEW: "Nether" by Jason Beymer

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Nether Why this book?: Reviewing this book as part of the author's BLB ebook tour.

Disclaimer: This book was given to me in exchange for a review by the author.

Type: Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Violence, Men will enjoy this as well, quirky humor.

About the book: One suburban night. One stubborn corpse. One golden opportunity.

Burklin had it all: a spacious two-story house, a shapeshifting wife, a wide open future. That is, until his father ripped out his soul and trapped it inside an opinionated dachshund. Now he's lost everything, leaving him a slave on mop-up duty for a homicidal teenage demon. His father is sleeping with his ex, the possessed dachshund won't stop talking, and the cleanup jobs keep getting messier. Burklin would give anything to have his life back--even if it means turning against his manipulative father and destroying their chance of winning the Nether's Demon Lord Sweepstakes.

Opportunity knocks with a dead woman's hand. When the demon's latest victim won't stay dead, the rules of life and death change. Freedom lies within Burklin's reach, but to get it he'll have to defy his father, the ex-wife he still loves, and the Nether itself.

Just how far is he willing to go?

Review: "Nether" isn't exactly my regular type of read, but I chose to participate in this tour because I wanted something darker, something different. I think the best way I could describe this book is.. Unique. Which in this day and age, where the same plot line or love triangle is repeated over and over in countless novels, unique is something special. I will say that it took me a while to decide whether or not I liked this main character. Burklin is.. different. He'd probably be considered a loser, but.. well, a loser that used to be a scary bada**. He's the type of good guy/hero that is definitely not heroic. An anti-hero, if you will. And for that reason, I had to keep reading. Even while I was sure I didn't like him, I had to see what he would do and what would happen to him.

There are some seriously great descriptions in this book, my favorites were pretty much all Pearl-centered. Pearl is one fascinating character, a dog with a human soul, and the ability to talk. And a rather crude dog at that. She definitely left me hoping my dogs aren't thinking along similar lines.. I suppose I'll have to watch them more closely in the future. There were some great funny moments, and some icky ( as in literally disgusting ) moments, but however you look at it, "Nether" is one wickedly interesting read!

Cover Loving: Cover definitely fits the book.

Recommendation: Definitely for mature adults only, fans of darker urban fantasy and science fiction/fantasy will enjoy this book.

Final Rating: THREE POINT FIVE out of FIVE (3.5/5). Good, entertaining. A grittier look at urban fantasy.

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Happy Reading!
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