Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GUEST POST: Author Jus Accardo talks about writing quirks!

Hello readers! Please welcome author Jus Accardo, who joins us to chat about her writing quirks. Be sure to check out her website, and check out her new release (coming out November 2011), "Touch"!

Without further ado... Jus!
5 Quirks About My Writing Process…

Quirks. Strange little rituals. We all have em. Some people have to check
the stove before bed—even if they haven’t used it. Others need to tie
their shoes in a specific order. A friend of mine will only drink soda on

Like everyone else, I have my quirks. Little things I need to do or have
while working. Here are a few of them…

1.      I need to be barefoot. Yes. I’m serious. I cannot work with shoes
on. Socks—yes. In the cooler temps, nice fluffy socks are a must
(preferably dry and untouched by doggie drool). Why? I have no clue. It’s
just one of those things. Like leftover pizza being eaten cold for
breakfast (Ick, by the way).

2.      I must have music and doggie snores. I know, I know. Odd combo.
But I can’t concentrate without the right tunes blasting and the subtle
duet of soft snores from the Narcoleptic Akita and the Duck beneath my
feet. The GSD doesn’t snore. It’s beneath her.

3.      Lights out. Yes, this is probably not the best thing for my eyes,
but I can’t write with the light on. Day light is okay, but once the sun
goes down, I need the light off. It’s distracting—which is funny because
during the holidays, I can’t write without the xmas lights on.

4.      CHEESE! It’s my snack of choice. I need fresh, (none of that
processed crap) salted Mozzarella while I write. Who among you can dispute
the awesomeness that is cheese? I dare you!

5.      I cannot plot. TOUCH was born without planning. It started with a
picture in my head and two characters whose voices would not be silenced
(which is pretty much how my brain works). I began writing and the story
unfolded as I went. All those funky twists and turns were unplanned. When
I started writing, I had no idea what was going to happen. Don’t get me
wrong. I envy the plotters. I ever tried to be one. I can sometimes get
away with a very rough outline, but anything more screws me up.

So what about you? Do you have any special rituals or funky quirks in your
daily routine?


Thanks so much for sharing, Jus! Personally, I find that sort of thing fascinating. We all have our little quirks and "must dos," and it's so cool to learn about other peoples'. Again, make sure to visit Jus at her website (link above), and learn more about her new book "Touch"!

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~

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