Monday, May 21, 2012

Buy Links for author John Abramowitz

Day two of John Abramowitz's visit to Novel Addiction as part of his Blog Tour. Yesterday, John spoke about the age of one of his characters in his Young Adult series, The Weaver Saga.

Today, I'm posting buy links so you can check the book out for yourself!

First up: In case you missed it yesterday, check out John's blog On The Bird - it has links to the rest of his blog tour, as well as plenty of other interesting goodies.

Get a copy of Weaver...
from Amazon
from Barnes and Noble [FREE]
from Smashwords [FREE]

Get a copy of The Void...
from Amazon
from Amazon UK
from Barnes and Noble
from Smashwords

Again, a huge thanks to John for including Novel Addiction on his Blog Tour, and for visiting our little humble abode.

Be sure to check out The Weaver Saga!

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda~!~

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