Tuesday, September 23, 2014

REVIEW: "Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 2: Wish You Were Here"

Disclaimer: I received a free advanced copy of this graphic novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Release date: September 30, 2014

Type: Graphic Novel, Series, Volume 2, Physics, Vertigo, Science Fiction, Alternate Reality

About the book: The mind-bending science fiction series FBP returns to the strange phenomena all over the world-and beyond.

Federal Bureau of Physics agents Rosa and Adam are invited to take part in an experiment that will test their limits and blur their concept of reality. And after a beautiful moment is shattered, Rosa and Adam get to see firsthand why Nakeet is known as the strangest town north of the 48.

This volume collects issues #8-13.

My Review: Well, this volume was certainly confusing. Definitely more so that the first book. It is incredibly hard to tell what is reality and what isn't, and the art doesn't give it away either. In volume one, I got a sense of the overall story, and I was therefore able to follow along with ease. But that linear storyline is missing here. 

This is not a series you can set down And pick up months later. From my experience, this is one of those books or graphic novel series that you have to continually read and re-read, especially right before the next issue releases. 

Now for the positive. Despite my dislike of the lack of difference between realities, I do love the art style used in this graphic novel. The different characters are distinct and the style is original. And it might be a silly, small thing, but I love the art between the chapters/issues.

Cover Lovin': Bright and eye catching, which is good. But it definitely makes more sense once you read the book.

Recommendation: For fans of the series, and people who just finished the first one.

Final rating: TWO POINT FIVE out of FIVE (2.5/5). Hard to follow, but the series concept is interesting, if you can keep up.

Happy Reading!
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