Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow day February 21, 2015 - READATHON!

This morning, bright and early as I was getting ready for work, I got the call a librarian always hopes for in winter - SNOW DAY!

SO! Since I have an unexpected day off, I decided to do something new (for me) and fun - a READATHON!

I have some books I need to review for Romance Reviews Today, some books from the library, and some review books for here to go through, so I will be mixing and matching all day. Breaks will be taken, of course - food and stretching are of the up most importance during a strenuous readathon day. Plus I will probably take the time to jot down some notes after each review book, so I don't forget my initial thoughts. 

Anyone interested in joining in is welcome to it! If so, comment with your blog link talking about your own readathon updates, or maybe link to your Goodreads account (but don't be surprised if I start following you!).

I'll post every so often with updates. 

UPDATE 10:15 A.M.: I've read 80-some pages of PLAYING DIRTY by HelenKay Dimon - Caught somewhere between really liking the storyline, and really disliking how it's done.

UPDATE 12:52 A.M.: Took a break from PLAYING DIRTY to read THE SCULPTOR by Scott McLoud. Holy cow was it amazing! Definitely a four if not FIVE star read! Highly recommended to fans of graphic novels, specifically sci-fi or speculative fiction readers (think Neil Gaiman).

UPDATE 4:37 P.M.: Well, the weather took a turn for the worse, so I crawled into bed to read. Unfortunately, this meant that I was snuggly warm, and soon fell asleep - I lost an hour and a half! Not including my half hour for lunch earlier. Oh well. Next up, I have started on IN SEARCH OF LOST DRAGONS. This is a sort of graphic novel, or maybe a fictional journal with pictures? It reminds me a lot of the Memoirs of Lady Trent series. Just when I got to a third of the way in - Low battery warning! ARGH! So another break for me, this time to do dishes (Alas, I am completely out of spoons, and of course - now all I can think about is soup). 

UPDATE 9:08 P.M.: So my readathon is winding down. After dishes (aka "food laundry") and dinner, I got myself to the halfway mark of PLAYING DIRTY, and read SHELL GAME, a short story by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, part of the Fox and O'Hare series.. which happens to be my guilty pleasure.

I'd like to thank everyone that left comments here, on Goodreads, or via Twitter. I hope you have a wonderful day, and stay warm!

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda at Novel Addiction ~!~

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