Monday, March 2, 2015

REVIEW: "Hedgewitch Book of Days" by Mandy Mitchell

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Type: Nonfiction, Spell book, Book of Days, Hedgewitch, A whole years worth of reading

About the Book: Down to earth and humorous, Mandy Mitchell is a modern Hedgewitch whose passion is finding magic in simple everyday tasks and turning them into rituals and spells along with cooking wholesome, hearty, and tasty food based on the seasons of the year. Her book echoes these passions and serves as a tapestry of real-life stories and time-honored folklore laced with a hint of magic! It is aimed at the practicing or would-be witch whose life is more jeans, chaos and the never-ending question of what's for dinner than it is black robes, cauldrons, and incantations.

"Hedgewitch Book of Days" features recipes and wisdom as it reveals the hidden properties behind the things we use all the time. The author shows how to turn the simplest tasks into meaningful rituals, opening our eyes to the extra special world behind the mundane and how to celebrate it! A new broader approach to old beliefs, there is something for everyone to take away--whatever path you are on.

Journey through the wheel of the year with one eye on the kettle and the other on the magica
l! [Description from]
My Review: I will say right now, I wouldn't have picked this up on my own. So I didn't really know what to expect. That said, I really enjoyed this. I haven't read every single word - I'm saving some stuff for when the actual featured month happens. But that's what makes this book great - it's the book that keeps on giving!

Included in each month: Information about traditions in that month (pagan festivals, etc), rituals the reader can do to relax, recipes, ways to celebrate the month, spells, and folklore. I'm a picky eater, but these recipes have me drooling!

This book isn't for everyone. I'm sure there are plenty of people that would find offense, but if you keep an open mind, this is a really fun read with fascinating information, and plenty of useful facts. Be sure to check this out in the near future!

Cover Lovin': Good cover. I'm not sure it entirely conveys what all is included in this book, but it is calming and nice looking.

Recommendation: Sure there are spells and rituals included in this book, so you should be into that, but there are a lot of recipes and plenty of good advice that anyone would find useful!

Final Rating: FOUR out of FIVE stars (4/5). This was a fun read, and has tons of helpful and useful tips!

Happy Reading!
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