Friday, April 10, 2015

REVIEW: "The Worrier's Guide to Life" by Gemma Correll

Disclaimer: I received a free, advance e-copy of this in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Release Date: May 26, 2015

Type: Humor, Nonfiction, Graphic Novel, Anxiety is my middle name, Was this written about me?

About the Book: If you're floundering in life, striking out in love, struggling to pay the rent, and worried about it all -- you're in luck! World Champion Worrier and Expert Insomniac Gemma Correll is here to assure you that it could be much, much worse.

In her hugely popular comic drawings, Gemma Correll dispenses dubious advice and unreliable information on life as she sees it, including The Dystopian Zodiac, Reward Stickers for Grown-Ups, Palm Reading for Millennials, and a Map of the Introvert's Heart. For all you fellow agonizers, fretters, and nervous wrecks, this book is for you. Read it and weep...with laughter. [Synopsis from]

My Review: Ugh, gosh, I think author Gemma Correll wrote a book about my life! Anyone that has ever suffered through depression, anxiety, insomnia, or even every day life will find something in common with this book. I chuckled out loud multiple times, and nodded in agreement at least once ever page.

"The Worrier's Guide to Life" is incredibly clever, and very original. While this book is organized into like sections, there really isn't a flow to the book. However, since this seems to be material from the author's blog, as well as (I think?) some new material, that would make sense. The chapters contain comics similar enough that it works for the most part, and that's good enough for me. I enjoyed the heck out of this.

Cover Lovin': Aw man, this cover is my life. What you see on the cover is what you're going to get.

Recommendation: For fans of Hyperbole and a Half, and similar true-to-life, anxiety-ridden humor blogs.

Final Rating: FOUR POINT FIVE out of FIVE (4.5/5). Hilarious. The awkward nerd at me connected deeply with this. Highly recommended.

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

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