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Disclaimer: I received a free, advanced e-copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Release Date: June 30, 2015

Type: Graphic Novel, Comics, Comic Books, Superheroes, Batman and the Batlings, Hard to have Batman and Robin without Robin..

About the Book: After losing his son Damian—a.k.a. Robin—Batman has finally found peace with his death. Damian's grandfather Ra's al Ghul, however, has not. In order to resurrect Robin, he's stolen the body and now Batman will stop at nothing to reclaim him. 

Nearly two years of storylines—including threads from Grant Morrison's BATMAN INCORPORATED and Scott Snyder and Greg Capulo's BATMAN—conclude here in BATMAN AND ROBIN VOL. 6: THE HUNT FOR ROBIN. 

Collects BATMAN AND ROBIN #29-34 and ROBIN RISES OMEGA. [Description from]

My Review: Despite Robin being no longer with us, he still has a strong presence in this graphic novel series. But then, I guess it is hard to continue a series bearing his namesake without having him there in some way shape or form. My biggest issue with this graphic novel, was that it felt like since they couldn't team Batman up with Robin, they would just team him up with whomever else was handy - Aquaman, Wonder Woman, even Frankenstein. In a way, it makes sense - hard to have a series based on a team up without some sort of team-ing happening. But it just felt rushed and so-so.

What I think this series does well is the tiny bits of humor they manage to sneak into such a dark series. Even in Bruce's moments of lightness and healing, though they be very few and far between, it is still gritty, like a true Batman comic should be. As a fan of Robin in all his (or maybe her?) forms, I was happen to see a small reunion of former title holders, though I will not spoil how or why.

There is a lot this series does well - the tone, the story lines.. but I will be happy to either move on from Damien, or find a way to bring him back to the story. Frankly, I would prefer bringing him back. I loved Damien. Not my favorite of the past and present sidekicks, but he had his own flair, and I loved seeing him and Bruce work together.

Cover Lovin': Very fitting cover. This title may be called Batman and Robin, but Robin is not exactly in the picture any more - as this cover accurately portrays.

Recommendation: For hardcore Bat-fans, and only for those that have kept up with this series. This is not a volume you can just pick up without the backstory.

Final Rating: FOUR out of FIVE stars (4/5). Good, but not as dark and gritty as it used to be. This felt like it was missing something (maybe Robin?!).

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