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Guest Post: ANNA KYLE, author of "Skye Falling"!

Please help me welcome author Anna Kyle! She's here to chat about paranormal romance, and to promote her new release SKYE FALLING - be sure to check out the buy links at the bottom!

I said to a writer friend recently “shapeshifters are my jam!”  I love paranormal romances. Can’t get enough of them. Gobble them up like peanut M&Ms, which are also my jam.  I knew that whenever I got serious about not talking about being a writer anymore but actually taking steps to BE a writer that, of course, that book would be a paranormal romance.

I was lucky to not start from ground zero. I had a writing background (and no, I’m not counting the girl and her horse “book” I wrote as a horse-crazy kid, which was, as best I can recall, awesome).  I studied communications/journalism in college, got a job writing for a local newspaper – where I paid my damn dues in full by covering township meetings and city council projects – and branched out later into writing feature articles and interviews for bigger publications.  

When I finally took that step to write a book, the do or die step, the sink or swim step, the nut up or shut up step, I figured the book would take maybe five or six months because I already knew how write, right? Oh that woman I was then was so na├»ve, so misguided. Instead I plunged into 15 months of writing then another six months in revision hell.  Some of that time was easy, most of it wasn’t. At the end, though, when I poked my head out of my writing hidey-hole blinking at the sun I had two completed books of the Wolf King series which were soon picked up by Red Moon Romance.

My first book (and omg I STILL love saying that and don’t think I don’t stare at that gorgeous purple cover 56 times a day) was released into the world last month.  SKYE FALLING is a paranormal romance novella, book 2 in my Wolf King series (Book 1, OMEGA RISING, will be out early 2016, I know it’s weird but for this series it works so just go with it). The story follows Skye, an impulsive fae halfling princess, who slips into the human realm with a resolute goal and half-assed plan to find the rumored Wolf King. Lake, a smoking hot wolf shapeshifter, is unwillingly charged with capturing the petulant princess but this easy-peasy job goes quickly awry.

As the reviews and ratings came in I could relax my death grip on everything around me and pour myself a scotch to celebrate because that’s what grownups do. And then I danced in the street because that’s what tipsy grownups do. The response to SKYE FALLING has been wonderful.  A few days ago it landed the AllRomance ebook (ARe) bestseller list.  From the comments, readers seem to be connecting with Skye’s sass and determination and Lake’s struggles to rein in the whirlwind that is Princess Skye. That is amazing and overwhelming to me as well as a hundred other emotions; joy, excitement, even a bit of alarm; like what if the next book doesn’t meet their expectations? But that’s a freak-out for another day. Today, I am happy.

I truly loved writing the journey of Lake and Skye. I hope your readers love reading it.


Sand whipped into the air. A whirling vortex sprang up and halted the shifter’s forward progress and then lifted him four feet above the beach. Stunned by what she’d created, Skye dropped her hand and the wolf landed on the beach with a thump. Sand coated every inch of his body, but before he could act on his growl’s implied threat, Skye hurriedly lifted him back into a new sand tornado.
She’d practiced her power regularly, in secret as advised by her father, but had never been able to marshal this kind of force before. Skye could snuff out lanterns and blow papers off her father’s desk but not much more. The wolf’s surprise had turned to anger in his second ride. His eyes were narrowed against the stinging sand, but Skye could see their golden glow. The enormity of what she was about to do hit her.
She could stop it now and be returned to her father or, the lesser possibility, the torture of the Dark Fae. Both meant death.
That small word meant life. Not a tough decision. He strained to get to her and shouted, but the roar of the wind whipped his voice away. She summoned a life jacket onto his torso, followed by a pair of orange water wings around his arms. He glanced down and roared helplessly as he comprehended what she planned. He pointed a finger at her, then pointed down. Yeah, like she’d do that. Stupid wolf.
“It’s not personal, wolf,” she said, pleased her voice was calm. Skye raised her shaking hands. With a flick of her wrist she flung him out into the deep lake, far enough that she’d have a chance to escape but not so far he would succumb to hypothermia. She winced as he bounced across the lake’s surface like a skipping stone. Once. Twice. Three times before she could see him bobbing in the waves. It was done. No going back now.
She hoped he could swim and wished for a moment she had sent a raft with him. Skye took off toward Union Station in the pre-dawn shadows, ignoring the enraged wolf’s cursing dwindling in the distance. Her fingers wove as she ran and her soggy dress changed to her standard gray tunic and leggings and boots. Fear gave her an added boost of speed as she zigzagged through the city just starting to wake up. The first train out was at 6:00 a.m., only an hour away.

Skye, a Fae-shapeshifter halfing, could die if she doesn’t find out how to wake her dormant wolf, so mere rumors of the Wolf King’s return are enough to convince her to sneak through the portal between Faerie and Chicago in search of his aid. But the dizzyingly bright lights and sounds of the human realm are too tempting to ignore. So is the sexy shapeshifter wolf intent on capturing her—the one who stirs her sleeping wolf just long enough to bind the handsome stranger in a mate-bond.

Lake is willing to do anything to protect the Wolf King, a man he also calls friend. So when he receives word that a Fae princess has slipped into Chicago, he suspects a plot to assassinate the Wolf King. He’s certain capturing her will be as easy as locating her—that was his first mistake. Not only is his wolf a little too interested in Skye, but the wolf accepts her mate-bond without any say-so from him. As he unravels the truth surrounding the smart-mouthed princess and whether she’s hunting his friend or being hunted by someone else, Lake’s mission changes: protect Skye at all costs. And keep her for himself.

Anna wrote her first story at age 12 on her dad’s old manual typewriter and though the technology has changed, she hasn’t stopped since.  She lives in the Midwest surrounded by family and friends and dogs and horses.  They’ve forgiven her (mostly) when they appear in her stories.  She reads everything she can get her hands on but romances, especially paranormals, are her favorite. Vampires, humans, Fae, shapeshifters, or demons, it doesn’t matter - Anna’s heart goes pitter-pat for the Happily Ever After.  Hot heroes + strong, funny heroines = Awesome.  Also a proud RWA member.

Whispers of the Wolf King’s return after a thousand years absence foretell the resurrection of an ancient evil and stir up hidden enemies. The shapeshifters, magic-users, Omegas (the shifter/mage hybrids), and the Fae must turn their blades, fangs, and claws away from each other and work together to defeat a growing horde that threatens the extinction of them all.  The key to the Others’ future is connected to the past but they’re so busy fighting each other they may not see it in time.

Twitter:           Anna Kyle@SandsOfTime5050


Happy Reading!
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