Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekly Reading Update! 1/1/2016-1/7/2016

For 2016, I decided to do a weekly reading update! My goal is have a post every Thursday or Friday, updating everyone on what books I read during the week. Anyone that is friends with me on Goodreads will know that I read way more than I review on here. Most books I review on this blog are ones I received to review. I also review for Romance Reviews Today, and those reviews cannot be cross-posted - so with these weekly updates, I can let you know what my recent reads have been. Not everything will be included, just my favorites or ones I found interesting.

So let's see what happened this week...

 I finished "The Mistake" by Elle Kennedy. I have had "The Deal" on my kindle for months. I read about it and knew I'd love it, so I one-clicked it so hard. And since I had some days off around the holidays, I finally dove into it. And the second I finished it, I had to buy "The Mistake" - it was that good. I started it New Year's Eve, before heading off to a party, and then picked it back up the second I woke up New Year's Day. It was so good! I can't wait to read "The Score" when it releases later this month. If you like New Adult - check out the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy!!

Next up is "Dirty Billionaire" by Meghan March. A friend and I came across this book on Goodreads, and we chuckled like crazy at the description - and then we both promptly bought it for our kindles. I held off reading it because I knew it would count for my 2016 reading challenge, as "A book that brings you joy" - anything with a description like this book is sure to amuse me! A warning: be prepared to one-click the next book in the series when you finish this one!

The next book I picked up was "Prince's Gambit" C.S. Pacat. Oh my gosh, guys. I knew this series got some buzz a while ago, but I honestly figured it was just because it was a m/m romance that got more mainstream than others. Since I had a little downtime a couple weeks ago, I picked up the first book - and I was hooked from the first page. Turns out, the buzz was because the books are AMAZING, not just because of the subject matter. That certainly teaches me to pay more attention to my GR friends! I finally got the second book in, and couldn't put it down. I actually had to pre-order the third book. I'm almost glad it took me until now to read these, because that means I have less of an agonizing wait for the third book! Even now, I'm not sure I can make it until the February release date. I wish I had something to compare this to, but nothing comes to mind. It's just that good. Definitely check it out! Though now that I think about it, it kind of reminds me of "Talon of the Silver Hawk" by Raymond Feist - a lot of political maneuvering with hidden identities, and an entire world at stake. Ugh, so good!

Look for this again next week!

Happy Reading
~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

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